world 1974: Confronting 'and West Germany’

world 1974: Confronting 'and West Germany’
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The World 1974 I not only had a German team competing, but two had combined German, the Federal Germany (RFA) and the East Germany (RDA), Western and Eastern. And if it was not enough, whims of fate and draw, They had to see the faces on the pitch in that quote in the game 'The two German'.


The Second World War left consequences that stretched over many decades, and one of the effects was the division of Germany after the defeat of the Nazis in the year 1945, separation lasted until 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Allied Powers the country was split in two divided; on the one hand the east that remained in the Soviet orbit (the RDA); and on the other hand the lands west and south were distributed to United States, the UK and France and that would eventually form the RFA. The city of Berlin is also split in two, with the same blocks and physically separated from 1961 by the Wall.

Two countries that reflected two political forms, East and West, military alliances OTAN and the Pact of warsaw, face to face, on one side and the other Germans and German living in two different worlds. And the rivalry was expressed clearly in the world of sport; successes in competitions were cause for satisfaction, especially if it is just above the 'other’ Germany.

With this hot context, although he is known as 'Cold War’, people would gape when the two Germanys were framed in the same group in the first phase of the World, that just played in Germany (only in the western part). For RFA was proud to host this event, two years after the Munich Olympics, some international awards for West Germany after everything that happened during World War II and then provoked the Nazi regime. Almost 30 years after the end of the race had to pass.


And the RFA He came as favorite, after winning the World 54 in return to competition, having been runner-up and third in the two appointments before the 74, and present a powerful combination with names like Sepp Maier, Gerd Muller, Franz Beckenbauer, Berti Vogts, Paul Breitner, Ulli Hoeness o Jupp Heynckes.

Meanwhile Pos, the RDA He crossed the 'Iron Curtain' to play his first World Cup event; but it was not a new experience because in the Olympic Games in Munich 1972 East Germany has already participated and won the bronze medal (and the following Olympic Games, Montreal 76, He won the gold).


But we are in 1974, more specifically 22 in June Volksparkstadion Hamburg before a 60.000 viewers. The two Germanys on the pitch. It was the last group match 1. Hosts RFA They arrive after winning Chile and Australia; while RDA He had exceeded the combined ocean and tied with the South American. Both teams were Germanic qualified for the next phase, but the first place gambled, and for many people much more than that.

The tension that was present in the environment and players was reflected on the pitch, with a little showy game without many occasions. There was so much tension that neither the players exchanged shirts on the lawn, and only in the tunnel Breitner Y saving water, the protagonist of the game, yes they did. In the minute 77 He came the play that decided the duel; the RDA He marked on completion of a move counter Sparwasser. The score did not move to the astonishment of local public. East Germany was the first group, ahead of the hosts.

At the end the top of the East was not an advantage, because the group that had then in the second phase was of scary. They were framed with Netherlands, which she had in its ranks men Cruyff Y Neeskens and that ultimately would be runners-up, and with Brazil Y Argentina. Too difficult to repeat the machada; He could only scrape a draw with Argentina, And here came the trajectory of the GDR in the World, since it not returned to class.


Meanwhile, West Germany despite having been second he touched the next phase a group a priori more affordable, with Poland, Sweden and Yugoslavia. And that impression was real because the Germans walked the stage with three wins, and they won a place in the final.

The title game gathered at the stadium Munich Olympic two selections mythical, that from the beginning offered a thrilling spectacle. Dutch of 'Mechanical orange’ They gave the first blow with a penalty converted by Neeskens in the minute 2, but Breitner She called from the same point in the 25, Y Gerd MullerHe completed the comeback in the 43. West Germany won the World Cup, a joy that counteracted with local sensations just days before Hamburg.

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  1. Gossips say the West German combined is not too struggled to win, segundón as being in place avoided facing Brazil and the Netherlands, two of the favorites.

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