“We will call Hercules, to command respect”

“We will call Hercules, to command respect”
Hercules training at the beginning of the decade of the 40 when the team militated in First Division (Novelda Digital)

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In Alicante virtually every football fan, and specifically to Hercules, He knows more than enough this great phrase that its founder, Vicente Pastor Alfosea “the Hump”, He pronounced when choosing the name of his beloved club.

In 1919 the herculano set began to take its first steps but it was not until 1922 when federated. Vicente Pastor fought for his dream and got his Hercules began to compete more problems than anything else but finally seeing served its purpose.

The life of “the Hump” While it may be compared with the club he founded. A life with multiple problems (was born with a deformity that made it difficult mobility as well as being of short stature) but always with a smile and transmitting energy to all around him.

hércules CF
the Hump, to the left of the image, founder and engine Hercules Alicante in its early years (hércules CF)

Jose Rico Perez Stadium

Similarly the set herculano has had to overcome many obstacles that have been on the verge of disappearance on more than one occasion but has always surfaced. First in Bard which he was small and later in the Field Vineyard and the José Rico Pérez, the herculana fans have lived all along almost 100 years of history.

Kempes Hercules
After winning the World Cup 1978 and be the star of Valencia, Kempes joined Hercules in which he played two seasons in First Division (information)

From the team that competed with the biggest in years 30 and that might have achieved some degree if it were not for the bloody war that broke competition between 1936 Y 1939 to the rock set that almost qualified for European competition hand Arsenio Iglesias achieving a historic fifth season 1973-1974.

Hercules at the Camp Nou

we can not forget the latest promotions and two wins in the Camp Nou nor the multitude of troubles that Espanyol fans have experienced throughout history with 20 seasons in the top flight, more of 40 Second and many others in Segunda B and Tercera.

Barca Hercules
Hercules was able to win 2-3 Barca in Camp Nou Ronaldo. Pavlicic, Visnjic and Rodriguez were the goalscorers (information)

Grandiísimos players have gone through the Hercules as Kempes, Giuliano, Pavlicic, Maciá, Carcelén, Farinós or Eduardo Rodriguez which it was a real bomber gorging scoring goals. they all but especially their fans are those who have made great an institution that continues to struggle against all odds to continue instilling respect for their rivals, as he desired The Hump.

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