Dubravko Pavlicic, one of the most beloved players in the history of Hercules CF

Dubravko Pavlicic, one of the most beloved players in the history of Hercules CF
Pavlicic with her long hair and ribbon feature in the Rico Pérez (Photo: sport Valenciano)

Dubravko Pavlicic He was one of the most beloved players by the fans of Hercules. Croatian center came to Alicante and soon took root in the parish of Rico Pérez. Her long hair and her blue and white ribbon feature in his head made him an icon of that team mid 90 he got the promotion to be champion in the season 1995-1996 in second.

After passing through the Dinamo de Zagreb and the river of his country, Pavlicic He came to Alicante in summer 1994. That season the team finished mid-table in the Second Division and the central part in 27 meetings, 24 as a starter in the league.

It was as follows (1995-1996) which further he strengthened the Croatian defense in the axis of the rear. It was undisputed starter in the league since disputed 30 of the 38 matches, the rest lost them all through suspension for accumulation of yellow cards or expulsions. As we say, The team ended series champion silver Manolo Jimenez on the bench and Paquito, Rodríguez, Siguenza or Alfaro as some of the most prominent players who won promotion to three games with victory Badajoz (0-1).

The Croatian central season promotion to (Photo: the newspaper)

PAVLICIC's goal in Camp Nou

The following season, and in First, Dubravko Pavlicic It was again a very important player in the team. The Hercules He failed to stay but made historic victory games 2-3 at Camp Nou, after tracing one 2-0 against, three historic goals from the Alicante team, Own Pavlicic, Višnjić y Eduardo Rodriguez.

With relegation to the Second Division, Croatian packed his bags to Salamanca, which at that time played in First division. After three seasons charro set signed by Racing Ferrol hang up boots 33 years.


Throughout his career also he defended the old T-shirt Yugoslavia and of course that of Croatia, with which he played 22 internationals participating in the European Championship 1996 celebrated in England in which the Croatian combined debuted and had a previous important role great success of the World 1998.

Croatia Euro '96
Pavlicic with the selection of Croatia (Photo: Balkan football)

Once finished his career he settled in Alicante, making clear its roots to the city. He even set up a business. But nevertheless, tragically, He died at the 44 years victim of Cancer. He will always be remembered fondly by fans of Hercules as one of the major players in club history.

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