Rafa Nadal, the center forward who missed football

Rafa Nadal, the center forward who missed football
Alvaro Cervera and Miguel Angel Nadal's shirt RCD Mallorca. Beside them a child who would become tennis legend and sport, Rafa Nadal (Photo: Diario de Cádiz)

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Rafa Nadal You need no introduction. For many it is the best Spanish athlete of all time and one of the greatest tennis players in history. But nevertheless, the Spaniard has combined for a time football and tennis until he had to choose.

Little Rafael, as family and friends say, He is going to football figure as it unfolded very well with the ball at his feet. His usual position was center forward and a child was passionate about this game.

The tennis player's love for the king of sports runs in the family.. Your uncle, Miguel Angel Nadal, was a professional footballer and good. RCD Mallorca and FC Barcelona (in addition to the Spanish selection) They were the teams of this central lanky (He began as midfielder) but at the very Johan Cruyff reconverted in his ‘Dream Team’.

But nevertheless, his other uncle, Toni Nadal, He was tennis player and instilled a passion for racket. Thus came a moment in which parents Rafa Nadal They made him choose one of the two sports to not have to neglect their studies. Finally, Manacor, he chose tennis and it is clear that he was not wrong because he became a true number 1.

Rafa Nadal and Real Madrid

Even though Rafa Nadal feels special affection for the RCD Mallorca, the team of his land and had its time 'culé’ when his uncle Miguel Angel dressed Barca Barca shirt, the player has never hidden its colors and always said fan Real Madrid.

Miguel Angel Nadal
Miguel Ángel Nadal again with his nephew Rafa's shirt Barca at Camp Nou (Photo: As)

In fact, whenever he can go to Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to cheer their team and it is known that pays close attention to today's Merengues. further, the Spaniard said in several interviews that one of his dreams would someday be president of the club Concha Espina. logically, his friend Florentino Perez It is not eternal. We'll see if his dream comes true.

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