Season 1945-1946: Sevilla champions

Season 1945-1946: Sevilla champions
Sevilla formation posing with the League obtained in the season 1945-1946 (Sports stadium)

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It was the first and only time that the Sevilla FC has been proclaimed Champion League. It happened in the season 1945-1946 and the most heroic and agonizing way possible, on the final day at the home of the most rival that campaign, the FC Barcelona.

The group from Seville was directed by Ramon Encinas and that 30 March 1946 at Les Corts in Barcelona with the intention of winning or drawing to become champion. his rival, the FC Barcelona he was forced to win to take the title away from him, a situation identical to that experienced much more recently with the Atlético de Madrid of Cholo Simeone who achieved the title in the Camp Nou after tying at goal.

The same result was the one produced in this “final”. The Sevilla he went ahead very soon with a goal scored by Araujo. Barça he pressed for the comeback and got the tie with half an hour to go until the end through Bravo. From there to the final whistle the Andalusian team knew how to suffer and endure a result that allowed it to achieve glory.

The Seville lineup that went down in history was formed by: Bust, Antúnez, Villalonga, Joaquin, Herrera, Eguiluz, Alconero, Fields, Araujo, Arza and López. The great architects of that feat were Fields, Arza and Araujo what did they get 15, 14 Y 11 goals respectively in that championship.


The club lived its time of splendor. After having proclaimed Spain champion a year before the war, specifically in the season 1934-1935. Coinciding with the end of the warlike conflict he obtained a second cupbearer title. Already in the campaign 1939-1940 touched the league title but ended up losing it on the last day after giving up a draw with him Hercules, something that allowed the Atletico Madrid the alirón will sing.

Sevilla champions
The players and managers of Sevilla before embarking on the return trip in their bus decked out for the occasion (As)

Finally, in the already mentioned 1945-1946 The team from Seville won the most important title in its history and was received by a large crowd upon arrival in Seville in a bus dressed in the motto: “VIVA EL SEVILLA, LEAGUE CHAMPION”. In this way he equaled in league titles his eternal rival in the city, the Real Betis, who had gotten the title in the campaign 1934-1935.

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