“I am Marcelo Bielsa, do not shoot”

“I am Marcelo Bielsa, do not shoot”
Bielsa and Ariel Ortega in a training session for the albiceleste (muddy field)

Football is full of the most curious anecdotes. The one we are telling you today happened a few years ago and although now it is remembered with a certain humor, it could end in tragedy due to a series of coincidences that seriously endangered the life of the protagonist of the story: Marcelo Bielsa.

The coach directed the Argentine national team since he took office in 1998 until 2006. For much of this period “Crazy” He was practically obsessed with his work to the point of moving his residence to the facilities of the GRANDPA Located in Ezeiza. There, the coach spent hours studying and analyzing all kinds of tactics to carry out with his players.

The level of obsession of the coach reached such a point that even when he went out for a run in the wee hours of the morning, he did it with a discman of the time in which he listened to tactical talks through his headphones. This could cost him his life.

One night Bielsa went for a run later than usual accompanied by his discman and his headphones. At one point, the police who were guarding the compound and the concentration of Argentina he stopped him since he could not distinguish very well who he was. To top, that “individual” He was running and he ignored the high policeman so the agents were forced to point at him. Fortunately, the technician saw several red laser pointers reflected on his body so he reacted by hiding behind a tree while shouting: “I am Marcelo Bielsa, do not shoot”.


The thing was a simple anecdote but it was close to ending in tragedy. Bielsa was able to continue training the abiceleste which he directed at the World Cup 2002. He was named the best coach in the world in the year 2001 after a qualifying round in which Argentina achieved the best numbers in its history although it ended up failing in the final phase of that tournament that took place in Korea and Japan since his team did not pass the league.

Two years later he reached the final of the Copa America but he fell in the penalty shootout against Brazil although that same year he was able to achieve gold medal at the Olympic Games in Athens 2004. To everyone's surprise, after qualifying the selection for the World 2006 that was going to be held in Germany, resigned from office for personal reasons.

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