Quini goal against Rayo Vallecano, one of the best in the history of the Spanish League

Quini goal against Rayo Vallecano, one of the best in the history of the Spanish League
Quini, one of the best scorers in the history of Spanish football (Real Sporting)

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In 1988, Marco Van Basten He scored one of the best goals in history. Was in the final that pitted Holland and the former USSR at Euro. But nevertheless, few years earlier, specifically in 1979, the goal of Quini Rayo Vallecano was very similar to the Dutch star. Definitely, one of the best in the National League Championship.

El gol de Quini, entre los mejores goles de la historia del fútbol español

Enrique Castro 'Quini’ You need no introduction. Asturian striker is one of the biggest Spanish football has given. Not in vain, holds neither more nor less than 7 'Trophies Pichichi’ (5 First Division and 2 in second). Hobbies Real Sporting Gijon Y FC Barcelona They were those who had the honor of having this great footballer (and a better person) on their computers.

The 21 October 1979, rojiblanco visit Vallecas to measure the local box. Sporting That was one of the strongest teams in the league. In fact, the sportinguista was one of the contenders for the league title. The visitors met forecasts and achieved victory by a score of 1-2 a doublet 'The Wizard’. One of them, He made history as 'Quini goal of the Ray'.

A cross from the left table to the back of the defense team the red stripe It was topped with a spectacular volley by Quini, which housed the ball with a superb header in the opposite corner of the goal defended by the local goalkeeper must. The audience, Much as it were a score of the opposing team, He cheered this work of art.

That season 1979-1980 He threw up a very mixed fortunes for both clubs. The Vallecano Ray He descended to Second Division after finishing third last position. He was accompanied to the category of silver Burgos and the CD Málaga. Meanwhile, the Real Sporting, he finished third behind Real Madrid (champion) Y Real society. Behind the, the FC Barcelona, who finished fourth.

Comparación con el gol de Van Basten en la Eurocopa 1988

After many years, still remembers that Quini goal among the older fans Real Sporting. Definitely, one of the best in league history, Emulated years later by another football genius as was Marco Van Basten. Two spectacular goals that bear a striking similarity.

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