Dynamic Calendar, a tradition that began 70 years

Last update October 20, 2019 by Javier Argudo

In FUTBOLRETRO.ES, How could it be otherwise, we like to remember past. Today we make a stop along the way to remember the Dynamic Calendar, a treat for all football we met a few years ago, except that today we can still enjoy it.

The first Dynamic Calendar It was published by Dynamic Craft Tipográfica in the year 1949. Since then, This football yearbook became indispensable for fans of this sport. Over the years the publication was gaining weight and gradually so did its content. In addition to timing First, Monday, Second Division B and Third, The specimen had the more complete information templates teams and a lot of pictures.

It was in the years 70 when the Dynamic Calendar He had higher growth. In every corner of Spain we could find that little book that made us heart beat every time we went to look at our usual kiosk before starting a new season of Liga. This boom made the company will launch the super Dynamic, with the same format as the simple but still much more information with photographs of all players, Copa del Rey, summaries of past competitions and so on.

Dynamic Calendar
Dynamic season schedule 1939-1940 republished that can be purchased on the website (Dinamico.es)

As we said at the beginning of the article, all this nostalgia is alleviated by the fact that even today we can still enjoy it. Not only it continues to be published before each season since 70 years but, also, we can acquire the above numbers as a collection by our order in his web page. Something that, sincerely, well worth.

In the times, where applications for all types of mobile have been imposed and end all of the above, are still many we like going to buy every year our dynamic calendar. For something will.

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