Duda and the ghost of Orriols

Duda and the ghost of Orriols
Doubt, Malaga player when missing a goal sung (Photo: Fourth millenium)

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The following story is well known by fans and granota borders on the paranormal. In fact, It is a story that recently It was investigated by the 'Fourth Millennium program’ Four who did research on this matter. The protagonists, Doubt, player Málaga then and ‘Orriols ghost '.

Everything occurred 1 May 2005. the day was played 34 the National League Championship between Levante UD and the Málaga CF. The match was very important for both teams that were playing the permanence in First Division. With 0-1 marker for the set malacitano, Doubt, former player granota, It took an indecision center Levantine Jesule, He dribbled must and unopposed door into some sought a pass to teammate Miguel Angel, granota another former rather than the finish and score the second.

All present were blown away and we did not understand very well what had happened by the head of the Portuguese winger to not score that goal sung.

DOUBT claims to have seen a ghost

After the meeting, one of the most wanted to ask about the play in question was Doubt he surprised everyone by saying that he had not scored a goal because at the moment he dribbled must someone had crossed in front so reacted looking for a pass as reflexively. Luso spoke literally “a ghost”.

The thing was not there because when the news reached the ears of Levante UD and some of its employees, Club members said that years ago had spread the ashes of several granotas fans killed in that area of ​​the field, the goal of Orriols.

Do you think that's enough? Well, there's more. Years later, a gardener of Levante UD who she was at night in the Estadio Ciudad de Valencia He saw someone walking in the field, in the same area, The goal of the fund Orriols. This employee was quick to call the police who came but found no one.

Of course, We are facing an impossible story to show. Doubt again no longer he speaks publicly about the matter nor the employee Levante.

What is clear is that history does not leave anyone indifferent and, after many years, still present between the granota fans who believe they have a protector in this goal, ‘Orriols ghost '.

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