The best Australian footballers in history

The best Australian footballers in history
Training of Australia in the World Cup 2006 (Four Four Two)

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The level of Australia has improved substantially in recent decades. In this article we will review what, in our view, son best australian footballers in history. Surely more than one brings good childhood memories to our readers.


For many, the best australian footballer in history. the attacker aussie He was the author of the goal against Croatia in the World Cup 2006 and that qualified Australia for the round of 16, his best show ever. He played in important teams like the Leeds United and the Liverpool Premier League. He played two World Cups (2006 Y 2010) with the Socceroos.


Another of the greats of Australian football. He was the author of the first goal of Australia in World 2006 and played a total of four World Cups with the national team consecutively. He spent most of his career in England wearing the shirts of Millwall and, especially, del Everton. He also played in the MLS in the ranks of New York Red Bull and tried in other more exotic leagues such as China or India in addition to defending the colors of Melbourne City in his country. Author of 50 goals in 112 matches played with the national team.


A history of the Australian team that could not be missing from this list. He also played four World Cups in a row and, also, He was part of the team that won the Asian Cup in 2015. He developed a large part of his career in Italy where he played for teams like Parma, Palermo, Empoli or Lazio. He played as a midfielder.


One of best australian footballers in history, definitely. The striker ran, especially, in the Premier League. He formed a lethal duo at Leeds United with his compatriot Kewell. He also wore the shirt of other teams such as Middlesbrough or Newcastle. During his career he accumulated an average of half a goal per game. He was captain of the Australian team in the World Cup. 2006.

Viduka Kewell
Viduka and Kewell in their glorious stage at Leeds United (Retro+)



Of the old school. He led the Australian team in the first World Cup that the aussies disputed in 1974. Beyond his important role on the pitch, the figure of Johnny Warren was fundamental in the creation and development of the Professional League of his country.

Johnny Warren Australia
Johnny Warren in a match between Australia and Germany at the World Cup 1974 (Getty Images)


could not be missing from our list best australian footballers. Schwarzer is the footballer who has worn the shirt of his country the most times. The goalkeeper also developed a large part of his career in English teams Middlesbrough, Fulham, Chelsea o Leicester City.

best australian footballers
Mark Schwarzer, australian rules football (Sporting News)


An old acquaintance of Spanish football. The striker was part of LaLiga defending the colors of Osasuna and Alavés. Good goalscorer who was also part of the team that reached the round of 16 in 2006. I note 21 goals in 35 parties with Australia, a figure to be taken into account.

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