Facts about the World Cup

Facts about the World Cup
We review some of the most interesting curiosities in the history of the World Cup.

Last update April 23, 2021 by Javier Argudo

The World Cup is the most anticipated in the world of football and tournament champion it proclaimed the best selection of the world. But like any tournament, There are a number of interesting facts and data that must be known.

The first championship

The first World Cup was organized by FIFA in the year 1930, proclaiming himself winner selection Uruguay. This tournament has been held every four years since, except during World War II.

Top scorer in history

The top scorer in the history of the World Cup is Miroslav Josef Klose, German footballer. Klose broke the record mark 16 goals, Having reached mark 71 goals for Germany.

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The oldest goalscorer

The oldest goalscorer in a World Cup was Roger Milla, Cameroonian footballer who scored a goal for his team in the tournament 1994 When I had 42 years.

The teams with the most titles

The World Cup is the title most coveted by players and selections, And this gives the name of "best selection of the world". Today, There are several teams that have been able to rise more than once with this title.

A) Yes, Brazil has been the team that has won more times a world: it has done so five times (1958, 1962, 1970, 1994 Y 2002).

The year that the trophy disappeared

Yes, despite being a trophy closely guarded, there was a year when the trophy was stolen. This happened in the year 1966, when the cup disappeared during 7 days. This was found by a friendly dog ​​south London, who was rewarded with a lifetime supply of his favorite food. One of the nicest sights of the tournament.

The record of goals per match

The party with the most goals was played in a World Cup was in year 1954, between Austria and Switzerland, It is the result of 7-5. A figure that has failed or repeated today. The number of goals you can score in a game can also be wagered on Betway.

World are not only interesting for the passion of the game and what they mean for the world of football, but also for all the fun facts that hide behind; details and curiosities that are renewed every four years.


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