The 'Tata’ Brown and his incredible story in World Cup final 1986

The 'Tata’ Brown and his incredible story in World Cup final 1986
Tata Brown in the final of 1986 (Photo: Olé)

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Jose Luis The Tata’ Brown we left the 12 August 2019. Bravo Argentine defender was one of the stars of the selection proclaimed champion of World 1986 in Mexico. Although many say Maradona won that World Cup only, players such as fullback albiceleste were more than necessary in that team.

The central played a total of 36 matches for the team scoring, curiously, one goal. So that was the first of Argentina in the final against Germany disputed 29 June 1986 at Aztec stadium. Argentines would end up winning the match 3-2 thanks to two goals scored by Jorge Valdano Y Burruchaga, the latter 7 minutes from time when the scoreboard reflected a draw two.

The Tata Brown he went to the finals with great physical problems. As he later told in several interviews he suffered pains in his knee was swollen and every day also had to extract liquid. But nevertheless, his understudy role Passarella allowed, At first, recover to be prepared if their participation was necessary later.

Everything changed when Passarella he suffered a condition that left him out of the first game of that World 1986. The Tata Brown He would have the opportunity he had been waiting all his life. Represent their country in such an important event like that. And he would not miss it for the world:

“It was the opportunity he had dreamed all my life”

“Passarella was not well, He not recovered from their condition, but no one had told me anything. The debut day I went to breakfast and came across Bilardo. "Hello, Brown, how are you?”, asks me. "Well, Finally came the day", the disputed. He went, quickly she turned and yelled: “Ahh, Brown, Look how you play vos, ¿eh?”… It was the opportunity he had dreamed all my life, look what comes to mind…. I start to change, and enters Don Julio (Grondona) to greet, one by one, a habit that keeps. He had a paper in his hand, I ask me how I am and will talk to Carlos. I look at her and see me talking, because I pointed. Next comes Don Julio and gives me the role. It was a telegram from my family wishing me luck (he eyes fill with tears)… My family knew everything that had suffered to get there: two years struggling with knee, my trips to finger to play in Students, my childhood in school-home, ufff tremendous… And so it happened, I played 6 holder matches before reaching the final.

“Is incredible, I played a final of the world without sleep one minute last night”

I wonder if thought got a goal in the final. Do you fit a goal in the final?, said… No way!, If did not have any national team!. Is incredible, I played a final of the world without sleep one minute last night. I was not the only one, because in the house where we slept seven, the door hinges made a squeak, and at one point I heard several, I looked and was Ruggeri. "What are you doing Cabezon? I could not sleep a minute ", I told. "I can not believe you, me too", he answered. Then the day expected: the final. In the play's goal was a center prepared, He was practiced with the thread out to outside. We posicionábamos the Cheche (Batista), Cabezon (Ruggeri), Valdano and me, we were the highest. when Burru (Burruchaga) He took the strong center and camber, I took the step forward to get up and out of the corner of my eye I saw Schumacher who was playing great and said: “does not reach”, I came running with all, I had to Diego (Maradona) ahead, so I leaned into him pushing him to the ground and nodded… after frentazo I do not look over the ball and go out to celebrate the goal, I knelt down, I operated the chest, I exploited me everything!…

Tata Brown and his mythical shoulder dislocation

At the end, the Tata Brown He also suffered a dislocated shoulder after a heavy collision with a rival. The footballer was treated by the doctor and he left the field far had the idea of ​​breaking his shirt with his teeth and your fingers to immobilize your arm.

I kept playing after killing me on the court and even forgot my shoulder injury, It was excruciating pain because it was dislocated in a collision with a German, then I looked at Dr. Madero and tell: “not even think about me out”, I do not go out or died here, and I held my shirt!, I spent millions of hard things in my life to live this moment and neither injury nor anything I was going to get crazy Neither!…They are wonderful and lasting memories, until today it gives me goosebumps”.


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