Two of the most curious cases of football history

Two of the most curious cases of football history
Ronaldo Nazario in the match between AIK and FC Barcelona in the Cup Winners 1997-1998 (AIK.SE)

In FUTBOLRETRO.ES we like to find stories and curious anecdotes. Today we will review two of the most curious cases history of football. On the one hand, We talk about the most rácano champion of all time. For another, the team descended to Second Division after being the top scorer in the competition.


The AIK Stockholm O AIK Solna It is a team of Sweden. In the season 1997-1998 He lived one of its most splendid times became champions and reaching the quarter finals of Recopa of Europe. Precisely, the Swedish team was eliminated at the hands of FC Barcelona of Ronaldo Nazario, not without creating problems Blaugrana. At home he achieved a creditable draw one while in the Nou Camp fell for a living 3-1 after early lead.

that season 1997-1998 He happened to history Allsvenskan. The AIK He was able to win the league being the lowest-scoring team in the competition. They only managed to score 25 goals in 26 matches. yes, logically, They were also less goleados (15 goals conceded).

AIK players celebrating the league title 1998 (AIK)


Many more years have to go back to rescue another the most curious cases of football history. On the off season 1937-1938, the Manchester City He is facing the tournament as defending league title. The citizens They did not start anything right since they were only able to win 2 of the firsts 10 matches. Things were complicated to the point that failed to save the category and descended to Second Division.

most curious cases
Manchester City goalkeeper, Frank Swift, clears the ball in a match played at Highbury against Arsenal (Getty Images)

But the most curious thing is that the whole of Manchester was the most goals scored in the league. Neither more nor less than 80 sometimes they got pierce the rival goal in that campaign. But nevertheless, The receipt 77 against he condemned them to relegation. For more misfortune fans City, his main rival, the Manchester United, He won promotion to the top flight of English football since he finished second in the English second division.

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