Spanish teams who copied the shield

Spanish teams who copied the shield
Valencia, Real Betis, Levante... There are many Spanish teams whose shields have been copied by other clubs.

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Big clubs have fans throughout and breadth of the planet. Sometimes, This admiration is taken to the extreme to the point that there are many teams who copied the shield and even the colors of another more powerful. Today we will focus on Spanish teams which they were 'kidnapped'.

In this list we will not include those who are directly franchises a certain club in another country. This is the case for example, of the Atletico Madrid which has its franchisee in India (athletic Kolkata) and the Vallecano Ray with his son in the United States (Rayo Oklahoma City). Thus, the best examples of 'copies', 'plagiarism’ or tributes to Spanish teams would be these:


Barcelona Guayaquil
Barcelona Sporting Club was founded in Ecuador in the year 1925. Several of the founders of the club were Catalans so they were pleased to copy the shield of Barca. There is now a major dispute between the two entities to the extent that Guayaquil are considering the ability to change its emblem (The Telegraph)


Real Potosi
Real Potosi is a clear example of tribute to another club. In 1994 the businessman Ramon Blanco, big fan of Real Madrid, He bought the club and decided to rename it and make a shield very similar (RPP)


Rapid Murillo
The CF Rapid Murillo is another example of teams copied or inspired by the shield to a more powerful. La Rioja club was founded in 1967. That year Valencia CF won the Cup of the King and its president, Esteban Alejandro, he liked to see in a magazine the football. yes, it adorned with a crown (BeSoccer)


Spanish teams that copied
CD Betis CF is a club founded in the year 1942 in the neighborhood of Las Delicias de Valladolid. A the same as Real Betis Balompié, showed verdiblanca shirt, white shorts and green socks. The shield is virtually identical. His greatest achievements have been two promotions to Third Division. He has always maintained a cordial relationship with the Andalusian (Twitter CD Betis CF)


Spanish teams that copied the shield
Sevilla FC also appears in this list of Spanish teams that copied the shield. This time we traveled to Puerto Rico to meet Sevilla FC Juncos. The Caribbean team was founded by Dr. Curro Martínez-Cañavate, a Sevillian Dr., in the year 2006 (Brand)


Selaya FC
The Selaya FC is a club founded in 1931 in the Cantabrian town of Selaya. The club acquired the colors of the Athletic Club of Bilbao (Cup champion that year). Apparently the shield was designed by the goalkeeper of the team, hence the only change from that of Sevilla is the replacement of the saints that appear in the shield of the Nervion club for a goalkeeper (Yesterday and today Sevillista)


Levante UD shield
To the corner of Greece came the taste for Levante UD. In the year 1991 nació el Athlitikos Omilos Levante FC. We do not really know why this club heleno, usually military on the 3rd or 4th category of your country, He adopted shield and colors of Levante UD but it was (uncheck)


They copied the shield
The case of the Bruges and RCD Espanyol and treat it in another article. Belgian and parakeets fought a historic round of the UEFA Cup 1987 (Record)


CD La Almunia
A curious case is that of the CD La Almunia. In 1947 President of the RCD Espanyol rode a textile factory in the Aragonese village. On the way, He founded this club shield identical with the only difference green and yellow colors (


Real Sociedad and Sporting
For Real Sporting and Real Sociedad is quite curious. I have developed another article.


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  1. On the link I have seen this article. Olympiakos is similar to Alcàsser (Valencia), which uses the highly personal design Manchester United.
    But for striking, surprising, surprising, that are so similar, Similar, two shields of two modest teams: the Cheste (Valencia) and Villarrobledo (Albacete). Have a look…

  2. Well, also keep in mind that Valencia based their shield, changing colors, in your older brother who is Levante you. I say older brother because he is the dean team of the city of Valencia.

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