Bebeto and his ephemeral time at Sevilla FC: A bet that didn't pay off

Bebeto and his ephemeral time at Sevilla FC: A bet that didn't pay off
Bebeto's time at Sevilla was not very notable. PHOTOMONTAGE: Football retro

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The Sevilla 1996-97 He is in the top of 'Random' signings’ brought about by the rise of Ley Bosman. So much so that he ended up with his bones in Second. Among them, finished Bebeto, The front world champion with Brazil in 1994.

At that time it was a bet by the then president of Sevilla, Jose Maria Gonzalez of Calda to try to save a Sevilla FC from the season 1996-97 that flirted with the abyss of descent. But nevertheless, His arrival at the Nervión club did not turn out as expected, and his brief time with the team left a bitter taste for both the player and the Sevilla fans..

And everyone remembered Bebeto as one of the best forwards in the world, also González de Caldas, but the truth is that at that moment it was already in the doldrums. After leaving Riazor, where it had been erected in one of the pillars of the ‘A harvest that bore fruit in the match in which Real Madrid was proclaimed champion of the league against Deportivo de la Coruña‘, Bebeto returned to Brazilian Flamengo in search of a golden retirement on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. But nevertheless, The call from Sevilla took him out of Brazilian football to give one last dance in the Spanish League. But things didn't work out for many reasons..

Bebeto's signing for Sevilla FC: Great expectations and financial outlay

Sevilla FC did not hesitate to pay the Flamengo almost 600 million pesetas for his signing, which was equivalent to about four and a half million dollars at that time. A good pasta that a priori, It seemed like a justified investment for a striker with a resume full of goals and a World Cup a couple of years earlier..

The Sevilla fans received the news with enthusiasm, since the team was in a precarious position in the standings despite having made expensive signings to ensure good performance in the season and qualify for European competitions..

Sevilla 1996-97, a very random team’

Bebeto joined a locker room that had a legion of players signed in the midst of the football boom. 'La Liga de las Estrellas’ and backed by money from television and ‘Ley Bosman‘.

This is how players with profiles that were as exotic as Ivica the Sailor, Almeyda, Oulida, Jelicic, December, Marinakis, Aranalde and Colusso among many other players. Bebeto arrived as a bet to reinforce that team and get out of relegation.

Bebeto's failure as a Sevilla signing

It arrived in mid-November 1996 and left in January 1997. That is to say, He only spent a few months as a Sevilla player where Bebeto only played 5 matches, and marked 0 goals. injury, rumors of interest on the part of the Deportivo La Coruña Y, especially, The financial situation of the Seville club at that time contributed to his departure from Sevilla FC..

Sevilla FC had to accept an offer of 440 million pesetas for Bebeto, so he lost almost a million dollars on the down payment just a couple of months before. Let's go to disaster.

The player also made it clear upon his departure that Sevilla's difficult financial conditions and the doubt as to whether he would receive his salary played a lot in his decision to leave the club.. Although it is also true that his performance on the field was quite mediocre.. Bebeto's time at Sevilla FC was marked by initial hope and subsequent disappointment, proving that in the world of football, expectations may not always be met as planned. Something that happens too much.


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