The old stadium in Los Cármenes, Best Granada CF house history

The old stadium in Los Cármenes, Best Granada CF house history
The mythical entrance to the old Stadium Los Carmenes, with its distinctive arches (

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This social phenomenon that has become football is surrounded by symbols. Symbols with which a group of people identified and, generation after generation, internalizes and adopts. Shield, colors, shirts and as, stadiums. Those splendid scenes of joys and disappointments.

Each city, each team, has his. Everyone has their story, more or less solera. old fields, new stadiums. All full of experiences and memories. But like everything in life, stadiums are also subjected to the relentless passage of time, the procedures and urban land speculation.

"The old" Los Carmenes It was the real strength of the best Granada C.F. history. A coliseum for which paraded the best players for decades. Majestically she stood in front of Mount enigmatic Hat. Adorned by an enviable stamp: San Miguel, el Albayzin Y, in the distance, Sierra Nevada.

The Stadium Los Carmenes It was built in 1934. Without money to cope with the work, It was popular support (through financial contributions) and then club president, The architect Fernández Fígares, those who managed to lift. The president himself tuned the project with a facade “true fantasy”: A triple and white bow.

There were no inaugurations, or fanfare. The championship began and the ball started rolling on the lawn of a stadium yet unnamed was home to an owner who was about to change his. The Recreativo Granada overcame the CD Malacitano Y Calderon He achieved the first goal.

By popular initiative christened the stadium granadinas typical houses (Carmen), the house of all Grenadians would Los Carmenes. A stadium of first division for 17 seasons. They dug knee one by one the big league. In 4 occasions Madrid, other 4 the Barça, 8 the Athletic

The curse of the old stadium

With the largest field in the competition, He became a feared by all opponents field. In him a seasoned team made any pitch meter trench and was given a hobby of his stands a continuous bombardment. But nevertheless, like the victim of a terrible evil eye, in its more than sixty years of sporting life, He never hosted a celebration Granada C.F. Proud he saw from afar as his players returned triumphant from any Spanish province with an upgrade under his arm.

Faithful companion at the start of the lean cows Granada CF, He was soon neglected. The painful passage of time it became a troublesome mole concrete, disowned and forgotten. While the club sank into his particular dark age, The stadium became a huge burden that prevented the resurgence of historical. Los Carmenes He was relegated to a graveyard of dreams. It would soon be sacrificed for the benefit of this, He is selling its unique heritage in exchange for a life pricked.

The old colossus had a calamitous farewell. As in birth, Nor were festive events. In 1995 the "old" Los Carmenes he said goodbye, jaded, pierced and corrupted. Little football in a tedious game 2ªB, only 500 faithful sitting on the cracked concrete, they saw his Granada tie with Sevilla B. Roberto Valverde He had the honor of scoring the last goal Nazari.

The new Los Cármenes stadium

A few months earlier he had been born Nuevo Los Carmenes, municipal, leased to Granada CF. The old, from afar, finally he saw an opening ceremony. He did so embarrassed, Real Madrid through.

Aground in urban procedures, expected a final, every year, It was cruel. Abandoned, disowned and practically dismembered feet Enduring serving as vehicle parking. For months the pitch shared training and cars. Soon the ball would roll, and only they would tire.

I arrive 2003 and he began its demolition, his funeral. He turned to dust, Like any granadinistas. Because it is true that this giant concrete blood pounding rojiblanca.

There have been few memories of the city of Granada to that space both gave. Among them, the prettiest, the cover of the exhibition center 2006. Pointed week in Granada, their parties Corpus and the key site, emerged stronger than ever Former Los Carmenes. An act that appeared to be an attempt to reconcile the city with one of the most embarrassing facts boom town.

A reconciliation sector continues to demand granadinismo. That "fancy facade". So many dreams that entry. those arches, They left in memory as a true symbol granadinista, they cry out be rescued from oblivion.

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