The tocamiento of Michel Valderrama

The tocamiento of Michel Valderrama
Famous image of Míchel and Valderrama season 91-92. Photo:

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Real Madrid Y Real Valladolid They faced on the second day of the league 8 September 1991 at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. The game ended with 1-0 friendly white set, but nevertheless, not go down in history for it not to be a particularly spectacular party. What did happen to the story was the gesture Míchel, merengue midfielder, He dedicated to his fellow teacher Valderrama.

In a favorable corner to set pucelano, Both players agreed within the area and Míchel, neither short nor lazy, He began to feel the crotch Colombian who could not believe what was happening. Far from being accidental, Real Madrid player relished and repeated the'tocamiento'varias times.

The 'run’ It was for posterity and joined the two players who made a good friendship. But nevertheless, no one got an official explanation from either until recently.

The members of 'La Quinta del Vulture’ They visited the presenter Bertin Osborne in the program 'My house is the tuya'. In the interview, Michel confessed that Valderrama He had had an argument with one of his companions, Robert Prosinecki, and that he had told “You're going to touch…” Michel replied to: “He does not, but yes you I'll touch”. Said and done.

Since then, the player Real Madrid he suffered homophobic insults and chants in most stadiums playing, something the Spanish international always took the best of spirits.


But the best was yet to come. After many years in oblivion, the play has regained prominence recently. Colombian international, what coincided with several compatriots that season in Pucela, He has starred in an advertising spot for the fight against testicular cancer. In that announcement, Valderrama ends with the great line: “Thank you Míchel by touch my eggs”.

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