The most special trophy in the history of FC Barcelona who was' forgotten’ in a warehouse

The most special trophy in the history of FC Barcelona who was' forgotten’ in a warehouse
Josep Cubells poses with several trophies Barca in years 50 (Photo: The newspaper)

History FC Barcelona It is a special club. The giant it has become today (and since many years) He spent his worst time in the early 30 in a Spain that was going through a political crisis that would lead to civil war.

Barça He had enjoyed a period of great splendor in the early years. Since its founding by Joan Gamper and during the early 1920, the Barça got a lot of titles and trophies (among them 8 Cups of Spain the first League history).

But nevertheless, with the outbreak of the Civil War it changed everything wrong in the club FC Barcelona. The authorities had closed the gates of the stadium during 6 months anthem whistles (yes, this is not now) and they had been sentenced to Gamper To exile, something that caused him great depression. This fact, bound to known as' crack’ stock of 29 He prompted the founder of the club end up taking his own life.

The bombing of the city of Barcelona were continued by the related Italian allies Francisco Franco They are flying from Mallorca because Barcelona supported democracy and the ideals of the Republic. Club president, Lluis Suñol, He was killed by the fascists and the clubhouse was destroyed after the bombings of March 1938 in which they died more than 1.000 people.


This is where is especially important figure Josep Cubells, custodian of the entity at the time. In the 'shock’ so it happened he hastened to try to recover most of the documents, trophies (they were virtually destroyed by shells) and cash (nail 2.500 pesetas).

Thanks to the work of Cubells, the FC Barcelona He could retain most of their first 40 years of history. The remains of the nearly 300 trophies recovered by the Barcelona faithful employee were recently melted and with them the call was created 'Cup All’, a commemorative sculpture.

Everyone's cup, commemorative sculpture of all the trophies won by the club until the early 30 (Photo: Adolfo Ballesta)

But nevertheless, The oddest thing about this matter is that this trophy remained forgotten for many years in one of the stores without giving too much club. In fact, It has even been difficult to find a photo of the trophy, at last, rests in the museum Barça.

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