The controversial change in the shield of Real Madrid

The controversial change in the shield of Real Madrid
In 1997, the purple band of the shield of the Real Madrid was replaced by a blue without any explanation (

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The Real Madrid shield It is one of the most representative and recognizable Spanish football around the world. Not in vain, some consider that it is the planet's biggest club and, like is logic, its hallmarks are easy to identify.

But nevertheless, There is a curious' mystery’ surrounding the main emblem Whites. The club was founded in the year 1902 with the name of Madrid Foot-ball Club and his first shield were the initial M.F.C. navy blue intertwined. So far everything right. Shortly after, in the year 1908, the badge Madrid suffers some modifications. Initial become more stylized and rounded besides being inserted in a circle.

It is in the year 1920 when the crown reaches the Real Madrid shield. King Alfonso XIII granted the title of Real to the merengue entity and said shield closely resembles the current.

The Second Republic and Francoism

With the advent of the Second Republic, in the year 1931, monarchical symbols are removed from the shields of the Spanish teams. Of course, the Real Madrid is no exception and both the crown of his shield as the 'Real’ his name disappear. A) Yes, It returns to the previous year design 1920 with an important new. A purple strip runs from left to right the new shield.

There is no explanation Official’ so we can only speculate on the reasons that led to the incorporation of this purple fringe. Obviously, There are many voices claiming that the band refers and is a clear nod to the Republic. Others, simply they state that it is to claim the Castilian origins of the club. evidently, It can be a mixture of both theories.

Anyway, the purple band is here to stay. In fact, once the Civil war with the triumph of the national troops and the arrival to power of the Franco regime, both crown shield as Real’ return name. The shield of Real Madrid no longer he was modified until many years later.

Real Madrid Shield
The shield of Real Madrid before, during and after the Second Republic (


In 1997, a new change comes under the chairmanship of Lorenzo Sanz. From overnight, the purple band becomes blue. The most curious thing is that there is no reference in the statutes of the club this change so we can only speculate. Have you sought to terminate any link between the club and the Republic?

This still amazes a lot more if we look at the club statutes. In the article 8 textually it says: “Real Madrid Club de Fútbol used as official color white, boasting a consistent shield in a circle of thick line, whose interior is crossed diagonally, from left to right, and top to bottom, by a strip, emerging within the MCF entwined initials and, complement, at the top of the circle and outside it, Figure royal crown. The diagonal stripe is purple and the circle and letters MCF gold”.

For some sector of the hobby has tried unsuccessfully to recover the purple band in the shield of Real Madrid. In fact, he went on to create a petition to collect signatures on platform. Of course, a mystery that, Today, remains unanswered or official explanation from the white entity.

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  1. I once read or heard,I do not remember exactly, that the reason for the color change is neither more nor less than a log ready shield,thing I found strange at the time,as an institution like Madrid,the normal, I would have registered…
    Well I have registered for the this gentleman,If Madrid used it,He had to pay,and of course,They do not want…..hence the change….veracity of the dato..desconozco

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