Why the last place is called 'red lantern'?

Why the last place is called 'red lantern'?
No team wants to finish as bottom side or bottom club in any football competition (Mismarcadores)

In the football world there are countless expressions often used without knowing very well their origin. One of the most classic is the 'Red lantern’ to refer to the team that occupies the last place in the standings. What is the origin of this expression? We tell you.

First it should be clarified that the use of 'red lantern’ It is not, much less, exclusive football and heard in many other sports to refer, equally, the last place. To discover its origin must go back many years ago and in such a different sport like football cycling, specific, the most prestigious event in the world of cycling: the Francia Tour.

We must also clarify that its original name, logically, in French 'Red Lantern'. This term was chosen because the train cars used to have a 'red lantern’ in the back of the last car to indicate a visual where the convoy ended.

The first rider to receive this award was Arsène Millocheau in the year 1903. The cyclist who more times has achieved what is Belgian Wim Vansevenant who has achieved three times consecutively and also (2006, 2007 Y 2008).

Unlike football, the fact that the 'lanterne rouge’ of the Francia Tour not imply any dishonor, the opposite, It means that the broker has managed to end the competition without having to retire. Meanwhile, be red lantern in football Yes it is a problem because it often involves the demotion of the equipment in question.

red lantern
The last classified the Tour de France poses proudly with his red lantern (Alchetron)

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