The 10 best unbeaten streaks in the history of European football

The 10 best unbeaten streaks in the history of European football
Capello's Milan, the team with the best unbeaten streak in European football (Classic Football)

Along the history, there have been many teams that have dominated so much in their leagues, like in international competitions, down to the level of seeming invincible, but, which are the 10 european teams with the best unbeaten streaks?


The Basque team achieved between seasons 1978-1979 Y 1979-1980, a streak of 38 matches without knowing defeat. In the 79-80, he was only one point away from being champion. Among its most prominent players were Arconada, Perico Alonso or Zamora, among others.

Real Sociedad record
One of the best unbeatable streaks in Spanish football was that of the historic Real Sociedad of the years 80 (Number 1 Sport)


Chelsea got a streak of 40 unbeaten official matches. He did it in the season 2004-2005, season in which he won the Carling Cup and the Premier League, in which he conceded only one defeat and left the second classified, the arsenal, a 12 points.


The Florence side managed to clinch the Italian championship for the first time in their history this season. 1955-1956, leaving Milan to 8 points. Between this season and the previous one, linked 40 matches without losing.


During the season 1977-1978, the Nottingham Forest remained undefeated for 42 matches. Brian Clough's team conquered the English championship and the League Cup, but most shocking of all, is that the team had risen that same season from the second division.

best unbeaten streaks
Brian Clough, the miracle man of the Nottingham Forest. Not only did he achieve one of the best unbeaten streaks in history but he did it with a humble team. Double merit (Doll)


The azulgrana outfit of the season 2017-2018 proved to be a very reliable team. So much, which chained 43 matches without losing, conquering his twenty-fifth league title and his thirtieth Copa del Rey. Barcelona's streak ended against Levante, in an impressive game in which the granotas won by 5-4.


The Jürgen Klopp team has been showing us its potential for a long time. The current champion of the Champions, got a streak of 44 matches without knowing the defeat between the last campaign and the current one, yes, referring only to the Premier League, since in the current season of the continental competition, fell in group stage against Napoli.


Juventus reached an unbeaten streak of 49 games in the season 2011-2012. The team managed to clinch Serie A without losing a single match and reached the Coppa Italia final where they faced Naples, set that ended his streak, beating those of Turin for 2-0.


The London team, directed by Arsène Wenger, was known within the world of soccer as "the invincibles". This was thanks to his 49 matches without knowing the defeat that they linked in the season 2003-2004, clinching the Premier League title without embedding any adverse results. They were less lucky in the Champions League, where their Chelsea neighbors dropped them from the competition after winning at Highbury by 1-2 (2-3 at the end of the tie).


Bayern managed to remain undefeated between the season 2012-2013 and the 2013-2014, 53 matches. In the season 12-13, he won the Bundesliga with 25 points of advantage over Borussia Dortmund. further, achieved the DFB Pokal and the DFL Supercup nationwide. In continental competition, la Champions League, defeated Juventus and Barcelona by 4-0 Y 7-0 respectively in the qualifying aggregates. Later he would take the "orejona" by beating Borussia Dortmund in the final for 1-2.


The Italian set, directed by Fabio Capello, has the record of being the European team that has had the most undefeated matches, 58. He reached it between seasons 91-92 Y 92-93. The team came from, possibly, the best time in its history with Arrigo Sacchi, Capello's predecessor. When he took over the team, they began to practice more defensive and safer football than they did with Sacchi, yes, less showy. The team finished the Italian league in first position without conceding a single defeat, and it wouldn't be until the day 24 of the next season, when Parma managed to win in San Siro by 0-1.

Which team will be the next to sneak into this list of the best unbeaten streaks in history? Will anyone manage to beat Capello's Milan? We will see.

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