Brothers footballers playing in First Division

Brothers footballers playing in First Division
The brothers agreed Ablanedo Real Sporting Gijon (Photo: Trade)

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Throughout history there have been many football brothers footballers who they have reached professional. On many occasions they have faced with different teams and others have come to share a dressing room at the same club.

Today it is still quite common for several brothers match professionally however each uses his first name or an 'artistic name is searched’ to prevent confusions.

There are also examples of this in the nineties as the brothers González Pérez who was known as Fran and José Ramón who played together at Depor and they met when he signed for JR Compostela.

Los hermanos futbolistas y los números romanos (I, II, III…)

But nevertheless, It is impossible not to feel a certain nostalgia and longing when we remember the time when we collected trading cards and were getting those players with the same surname. At that time the most common remedy was not to use the name but differed with Roman numerals (I, III II included the). Like is logic, the older brother was the one who received the I and so on.

One of the most legendary pairs of brothers for the kids who discovered football in the years 90 is that of Ablanedo, players who were part of Real Sporting Gijon.

The oldest, Jose Luis, disputed 11 First seasons (10 in from Asturias and Espanyol). Meanwhile, Juan Carlos Ablanedo is one of the great myths of the club. Not in vain, sportinguista wore the shirt during 16 campaigns that I won the Zamora award goalkeeping three times As well as being international in 4 occasions.

As we say the list of brothers who have played in First division in Spain is endless. If you want to review it completely with a comprehensive analysis of statistics of games played and clashes between them click here.


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