The origin of the green stripe on the shirt of Elche CF

The origin of the green stripe on the shirt of Elche CF
Template Elche season 1926-1927 in which the green strip was introduced into the T (Photo:

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Life have become accustomed to seeing the Elche CF with his white shirt with the green stripe. In fact, We have always heard that from “the team franjiverde”. What many do not know is why the team ilicitano this strip looks something try to explain below, While it is true that is not fully confirmed.

The first Elche CF shirt

The Elche CF It was founded in 1922. Initially the uniform was completely white (shirt and pants) with black stockings. At that time many teams wore white because it was the most common fabric color and it was easier to find besides being the cheapest. Precisely why, to differentiate themselves from the other teams, a green stripe wide in the center was introduced in season 1926-1927, coinciding with the arrival to the team coach Anton Fivébr.

By all accounts, to the Czech coach came up with this quirk in ilicitana zamarra after contemplating the wonderful views of the city of Elche from the top of the tower of the Basilica of Santa Maria where palm trees formed a green horizontal line.

The origin of the green franji t-shirt

The host of the green strip was very good and still endures after so many years becoming a source of pride for the fans of the Elche. But nevertheless, the band was close to being eliminated in their first years of existence since the green desteñía the rest of the white shirt. Things of the time.

The Elche It was a classic of First Division in which he has played 21 seasons (12 of them consecutively between 1958 Y 1971). In the bell 1965-1966 He achieved its best historical classification achieving sixth place in the league. He was also a finalist in Copa 1969 but he was defeated by 1-0 against Athletic Club de Bilbao. Of course, always with his classic band Green.

A story of comings and goings

Throughout its history the club has gone through times when administration was feared for its survival with serious economic problems and descents. But nevertheless, against all odds, the Elche and his band continue and seem to have here to stay.

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