Important rules players should know about MyStake Casino bonuses

Important rules players should know about MyStake Casino bonuses

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Today, both online casinos and bookmakers, they know the importance of bonuses to attract new users. Among so many options on the market, Mystake Casino is one of the best platforms today. That is, it registers, You can also take advantage of an exclusive promotional offer for MyStake casino and win one of the best bonuses available. But nevertheless, there are certain terms and conditions players should be aware of in order to take full advantage of these promotions.

Let's see what are the terms and conditions that players need to know very well regarding MyStake Casino bonuses.:

Exclusive requirements for welcome bonuses

All bonuses have their own terms and conditions. At MyStake Casino, simply check the promotions section to know all these details. But nevertheless, as well as there are specific requirements, there are also other generals that apply for all bonuses.

In the case of welcome bonuses, there are a series of very specific requirements that players must meet in order to enjoy them:

  • The user must be new to the platform, never before registered or with your name or email, nor with his IP address ;

  • The new user must be from the town to which the welcome bonus is directed;

  • Depending on the bonus, most certainly you must make a minimum first deposit before you can enjoy the welcome bonus;

  • You must not opt ​​for other promotions to be able to opt for the welcome one.

Other requirements for other promotions

Although the welcome bonus is always the most attractive, Of course, MyStake offers other types of promotions that are aimed at maintaining and rewarding the loyalty of its most regulated players..

those requirements, as with welcome bonuses, they can be particular for each promotion. But nevertheless, generally. Let's see the most frequent requirements for the rest of the promotions of this operator:

Minimum deposits

Most bonuses usually require a deposit as a minimum requirement. This deposit does not always have to be a specific amount, but must reach a point figure. That is to say, If a bonus says that it requires a minimum deposit of $20 USD, it is not that you should deposit that exact amount, well you can actually deposit that or more.

In fact, many bonuses offer a percentage of what is deposited, Thus, the more you deposit, the greater the bonus amount.

Wagering requirements to clear bonuses

Another very important rule is the wagering requirements. This is known as the rollover. This is the number of times you must wager the bonus amount plus the amount deposited. This means, for example, if a bonus has rollover x5, you must bet 5 times the bonus amount plus the deposit amount.

In addition to rollover, some requirements include meeting the rollover in an estimated time that varies from 7 days to a month, depending on the bonus. As well as in some cases, the bonus must be wagered on particular attractions.

Bonus Restrictions

Some bonuses have restrictions, like the ones already mentioned regarding the welcome bonus. Some of the most frequent are:

  • You cannot opt ​​for a promotion if you are already enjoying another, with some exceptions;

  • Some bonuses are only exclusive to be played on particular attractions;

  • Any breach of the terms and conditions of the bonuses causes the user to lose the promotion.


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