Qatar 2022: how much money will the champion of this world win?

Qatar 2022: how much money will the champion of this world win?
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The World Cup in Qatar 2022 is about to start. The most important cup in the football world will be held from this 20 of November. Y, from now on, the 32 ranked teams are ready to put on a great show.

This world cup will bring significant changes, beginning with the date of the “kick-off”. This will not be held in summer, but in winter for climatic reasons.

Another particularity will be the large sum of money allocated to the tournament award. will be distributed more of 440 millions of dollars among the participating teams. Being, Of course, the jackpot for the tournament champion. Then, we tell you the millionaire sums to distribute.

The millionaire prize for the world champion Qatar 2022

The qatar world cup 2022 It is a very important source of income.. The amount of capital invested to reward the participating teams is quite high. This year will have a increase of 12% compared to the previous world cup. In total, more than 440 millions of dollars.

The team that manages to win the prestigious cup and be the world champion will win a figure of 42 millions of dollars, which translates to some 38 millions of euros. And it is that the general budget of the competition is 1600 millions. A much higher sum than what was distributed in previous cups.

Not only the award to the champion of this World Cup has increased. The betting odds are also much higher this time, especially in the online betting. The forecasts that revolve around the favorites to win the cup are the order of the day. The most important bookmakers in the world are also waiting for the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022.

The prizes to be distributed at the Qatar World Cup 2022

Respect and recognition in the world of football are highly coveted aspects by all. Thus, teams try to win at any cost. But these teams are not only looking for prestige. In addition to it, They also want to obtain some of the juicy figures that FIFA has allocated for those who occupy the best posts.

These awards represent an investment to make the show better and better. What, definitely, thank not only sports fans, but also the online gambling industry around the world. As well as the winner and champion of the cup gets more than $ 42 millions, the finalist and semi-finalist teams also get a large sum. The prizes to be distributed are:

  • runner-up. $30 millions
  • Third place. $27 millions
  • fourth place. $25 millions
  • Between fifth and ninth place. $17 millions
  • Between the tenth and sixteenth square. $13 millions
  • Between the seventeenth and last place. $9 millions

Likewise, All the teams qualified for the Qatar World Cup 2022 will get 1,5 million dollars for expenses destined for preparations, team travel and accommodation. This is not counting the multiple individual prizes awarded to outstanding players throughout the tournament..


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