The day Quique Setien and Thomas messed blows in training Racing

The day Quique Setien and Thomas messed blows in training Racing
Quique Setien in training Racing Santander (Diario Montañés)

It was the bitter end of one of the best players Cantabrians recent decades. Quique Setién He had 37 and already he saw more games from the bench and from the stands in El Sardinero, the stadium that had seen him succeed and lead the Racing for many seasons, that on the pitch as a starter.

The thing came from afar. Quique Setién Y Tomás González were two of the most veteran players on that team led by Vicente Miera. Captain accumulated 12 racinguista seasons with casaca (in two stages) while Thomas was a newcomer since added his second year in Santander.

The tension between them was very strong with statements to the media included. That season 1995-1996, Thomas he had done with the starting job and had relieved Setién to the bench and goes off bounds. A few days before the incident in a training session in which two came to blows after a strong input González, he was called a traitor to his companion for having “erased” he said of the Cup match against Numancia wherein the set soriano (then at Second B) He had eliminated the Cantabrians.


This sad episode marked the end of Quique Setién the team of his entire life. But nevertheless, To everyone's surprise, the player did not hang up the boots and He accepted a large supply of Levante UD that at that time militated in Second B and was intended solely to promotion to the Second Division. The signing of an entire international supposed the ultimate accolade for the team that failed to meet the target with a battle-hardened veteran who dressed in the elastic granota in 8 matches (5 of them from the playoffs for promotion).

At the end of that season 1995-1996, with mouth taste better after ascending to the Levante, Setién He retired definitively accumulating 550 official parties in the Spanish League with a total of 100 goals scored. Racing de Santander, Atletico Madrid, Logroñés and Levante teams were lucky enough to have one of the great players of Spanish 80 Y 90.


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