The worst teams in the history of the World Cups

The worst teams in the history of the World Cups
El Salvador encajó la mayor goleada de la historia de los Mundiales en España '82 (Brand)

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This article will go The worst teams in the history of the World Cups. teams that, not only did they not win any games in their participation in the World Cup, but, also, suffered heavy defeats.


The Asian team qualified to play the World Cup in France in the year 1938. By then, Indonesia it was called the Dutch East Indies and was a French colony. His qualification for the World Cup was thanks to Japan, his rival in the previous, decided not to play the match.

Thus, Indonesia directly accessed the round of 16 (at that time they only participated 16 selections the World Cup) and the faces were seen against the powerful Hungary. The end result says it all: 6-0 for the Hungarians who reached the round of 16 ending the adventure of the Asians.


Panama He achieved his first and only participation in a World Cup in the edition of Russia 2018. The American team was placed in a rather complicated group as they had to face England, Belgium and Tunisia.

in his debut, the English achieved a comfortable victory by 3-0. More painful would be the defeat against the Belgians, who endorsed a 6-1 to the Panamanians. By last, the Tunisians also defeated Panama in the last meeting 2-1. The summary is clear. Three losses in three games, two goals for and eleven against.


In this list of The worst teams in the history of the World Cups could not miss the Asian giant. China He has spent decades investing money to try to grow in football but, till the date, he has not succeeded. The Chinese were only present at the Korea and Japan World thanks to what, precisely these two selections, They managed to qualify directly since they were the organizers of the tournament.

The Chinese had to see each other's faces in their group with Costa Rica, Brazil and Turkey. The numbers could not be more bleak. Against the Costa Ricans they fell for 2-0. Later, the brazilians endorsed them a blunt 4-0 Y, by last, the Turks also clearly defeated them by 3-0.


The golden decade of Haiti came in the 1950's 70 in which he won the Gold Cup (1973) Y, especially, qualification for the World Cup in Germany 1974.

In favor of the Haitians, it must be said that they fell into an extremely complicated group. Italy, Poland and Argentina were their rivals and, as expected, they had no choice.

in his debut, the italians beat Haiti by 3-1. Later, Poland had no mercy and beat them by an outrageous 7-0. By last, the argentines won 4-1. The balance, so, it is three defeats in three games, two goals for and fourteen against.


The African team, which is now known as Democratic Republic of Congo, had his big moment 1974 reaching the World Cup in Germany and proclaiming itself champion of the African Cup.

But nevertheless, his role in the World Cup was quite negative. Scotland, Yugoslavia and Brazil were their rivals in the group stage and, unfortunately for them, completed a full of defeats. Against the Scots the result was 2-0, against the Yugoslavs things were even worse (9-0) Y, by last, against the brazilians, they fell for a meritorious 3-0.

Zaire 1974
Zaire's players in their match against Brazil (Doll)


The Salvadoran team has played two World Cups (Mexico 1970 and Spain 1982) and lost all the games he played.

In Mexico he fell defeated 3-0 against Belgium, 4-0 against the hosts and 2-0 against russia. Meanwhile, in Spain '82, with Magico Gonzalez in their ranks, it was even worse. In his debut he suffered the biggest win in the history of the World Cups. It was against Hungary that he endorsed a shameful 10-1 to the salvadorans. After, defeat by 1-0 against Belgium and 2-0 against Argentina.

the balance of The Savior in the World Cups it is bleak. Six losses in six games. A goal for and 22 against. undisputed leader of The worst teams in the history of the World Cups.

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