Mazinho, the player everyone wanted to have

Mazinho, the player everyone wanted to have
Mazinho en la final del Mundial de USA '94 contra Italia (fameceleste)

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It was one of those players who did not make much noise but every coach wants to have on your computer. He won it all with his selection and was well loved by the fans of all the teams in which he played. We speak, course, Birth of Iomar “Mazinho”.

The Brazilian started his career at Santa Cruz of Brazil which made the leap to the Vasco de Gama where he highlighted what he was allowed to emigrate to Europe to enlist in the ranks of the Lecce Series A, at that time the best European league. Was the Fiorentina which it took control of its services just a year later though as viola player did not have much impact and returned to Brazil, specifically to Palmeiras, where he became a mainstay of both club and selection.

With the national team was gold medal at the Olympics 1988, champion Copa America 1989 and champion of the world USA ’94. That World Cup will be remembered as the Romario Y Bebeto but it would have been impossible without Mazinho which dominated the center of the Brazilian countryside as anyone.

Mazinho at Valencia CF

Just after the triumph in the World Cup was signed by the Valencia CF which also it took services Parreira, Brazilian coach who requested the signing of Mazinho immediately. In Mestalla He became one of the fixed although the draft technical failure was dismissed.

Mazinho Valencia
Mazinho in its stage with Valencia facing the train Valencia, player Atletico Madrid (Provinces)

Mazinho the legend of Celta

After two good seasons personally in Valencia, he got the chance to sign for Celtic. In Vigo he developed his best game in the league part of the Golden Age of the whole sky and being a permanent fixture during 4 seasons in which became hobby idol balaídos. further, with the blue shirt was also top scorer scoring uncapped 10 many, something I had not gotten in the other teams in which he played.

Celta Mazinho
Celta's where Mazinho spent his best years as a professional (moiceleste)

End of career in Elche

His last experience in Spain was in the second division in the Elche In the season 2000-2001. With the franjiverde shirt only disputed 18 It matches as it was in the twilight of his career but still the fans of the Martínez Valero He could enjoy having a world champion. Returned home to retire in the Bay.

Mazinho Elche
Mazinho the day of submission with the shirt of the Elche CF (Brand)

But the contribution of Mazinho to football was not only in their actions in the field. He fathered two great players, Thiago and Rafinha, forming one of those families of parents and children professional soccer players, who have insurance noted the advice of one of the great players of the decade 90.

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