The controversial arbitration Gil Valle in Córdoba-Levante

The controversial arbitration Gil Valle in Córdoba-Levante
Raul Marble, Levante goalscorer in Córdoba in the playoff for promotion to Second Division in the season 1995-1996 (Photo: Raul Marble)

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It was a pretty definitive party in the struggle for promotion to the Second Division in that already distant season 1995-1996. two that militated at that time in a category that were too small for both faced history, as a hobby and economic power, but nevertheless, I could only climb one. But nevertheless, the controversial arbitration It was the protagonist.

Week and he came very cargadita with all statements by some leaders of the Andalusian. The then president of the entity verdiblanca, Rafael Gomez, known as ‘Sandokan‘, He said that an amateur radio operator of the Cordovan city had overheard a conversation in which someone on behalf of Levante was trying to bribe the match referee, Fidel Valle Gil.

The tension was increasing and security measures were extreme. The expedition Levante It was escorted to the team hotel where there was a strong vigilance the day before the meeting and until the bus arrived at the stadium granota.

And if that was not enough, President of Córdoba He continued his statements and he even said that the party had received referee 3 million pesetas (18.000€ approximately) and that his team would be harmed.

Raul's goal MARBLE

To top, the Levante He won the match with a solitary goal Raul Marble and locals complained bitterly of a penalty not indicated. In protests, local front Quero was expelled, so the Cordovan president and had more reason if possible to continue with their complaints. Granota players had to wait nearly two hours in the locker room to hang out with certain security guarantees and buses levantinistas fans suffered the impact of a stone.

The uprising, at that time chaired by William Abel supported by the largest shareholders of the club Pedro Villarroel and Angel Rubio, He certified the rise in home a few days later with a victory by 2-o against Racing Ferrol with Carlos Simon as coach.

Never could prove that Valle Gil received any bribe by the Valencian set but his controversial arbitration is still remembered in Cordoba.

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