Michael Laudrup, Danish talent

Michael Laudrup, Danish talent
Michael Laudrup faces Rivaldo in France 1998. PHOTO: Pinterest

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Michael Laudrup is without a doubt one of the best players in the history of Denmark. But it was also one of those who played in his time. Few footballers had the vision of the game, the quality and speed of execution that this Danish had. Such was his talent that a banner at the Camp Nou summed him up: “Enjoy Laudrup”.

Michael Laudrup
Michael Laudrup in a match with Denmark in the 80. PHOTO: Besoccer

Michael Laudrup, Denmark's leader in the 90

For many, Michael Laudrup is the best player in the history of Denmark. Together with his brother Brian, The Great Dane led the 'Red Dynamite’ although curiously, Michael was not present at the Denmark European champion of 1992. And it is that the classification for the disqualification of Yugoslavia by the Balkan War caused many footballers to be on vacation and Michael thought they weren't going to play a big role. More merit if possible for that team that won the title without its best footballer.

Michael played at the Brondy, Lazio, Juventus, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Vissel Kobe y Ajax de Amsterdam, participating in a total of 464 official matches and scoring 117 goals despite not being a forward. Also with the Danish national team, with which he debuted at the age of eighteen he played 104 encounters marking 37 goals.

With the Danish national team he participated in the European Championship 1984, the World 1986 in Mexico, Euro 1988 and already with 34 years, at World 1998 in France, where he was also included as one of the best players in the tournament. And is that the class did not understand age. As we said before, curiously the best player in the history of Denmark, He was not present in the greatest soccer success of his country.

Michael Laudrup and Ronaldo
Michael Laudrup against Ronaldo at the World Cup in France 1998. PHOTO: Drugstore Magazine

He played for Barça and Real Madrid

Michael Laudrup He was able to dribble an opponent in the space of a tile and to invent magical and wonderful assists while looking at the stands. He was one of the architects of the ‘Dream Team‘ of Cruyff but his bad relationship with the Dutchman and the regulations ‘Ley Bosman‘ made him go to Real Madrid where in his first season, It was an important part of the championship achieved by the whites who resisted more than five years at that time and also changed the 'Classic’. And it is that the Danish, he was always a different player on the green.

Michael Laudrup
Michael Laudrup's change of shirt was key to deciding ‘El Clásico’ (Photo: Dream Team)



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