Why is there a bat on the shields of Levante UD and Valencia CF?

Why is there a bat on the shields of Levante UD and Valencia CF?
Shields Valencia CF and Levante UD have evolved but have always kept the bat (Levante UD)

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The top two teams in the city of Valencia live each local duel with their differences. But there are also things that unite. Something they have in common from the beginning of its centennial history is the use of the bat on their shields.

It may be that someone other than the area something strange result that its symbol is a little animal on the representations of soccer teams, and any sport in general; but for the Valencians, the bat It is normal.

Why do the Valencia CF and Levante UD shields have a bat on the shield??

This animal appears in the shield of the city of Valencia for centuries, and both clubs as reflected in its symbols. The Levante UD It is the result of the merger 1939 two teams founded in 1909, Levante FC and Gymnastic, and they already had this winged animal in their respective shields. Therefore bat, which it is accompanied by the colors of the team Barca, has been linked forever to this club celebrated its 110 years of history.

Levante UD shield
Shields Levante FC and Gymnastic (both founded in 1909) and they sported the bat (coffee Cup)

Meanwhile, the Valencia CF was founded in 1919 Y in his first shield already had a bat within a ball. After the animal was left in the shield we know now, together with yellow shades, red and blue ‘flag‘. For the centenary valencianista, which just celebrated, He was redesigned the 'rat penat’ (bat in Valencia); a design that made headlines in the local press for the complaint of DC Comics by this image, to considering that looked like Batman symbol.

Why does it take a bat shield of the city of Valencia?

Linking the 'rat penat’ and Valencia has been described in different ways referring to legends related to the conquest of the city in 1238 by King Jaime I. A legend says that a bat one night woke troops and thus it realized an attack of their enemies. Another story goes that a copy of this winged mammal perched on the flag of the House of Aragon, You made up nine yellow and red stripes spread alternately, when the conquistadors came into the city 9 October 1238.

But what is considered the origin of the shield of the city comes from the King Pedro 'From Ceremonioso’ which he gave Valencia the possibility of using its royal symbols in recognition of the role of the city known as the 'War of the Two Peters’ in the middle of the fourteenth century. The shield of this king had a helmet with a crown and a winged dragon, and this mythological animal evolved into the bat currently it sits on the crown of the closing of the shield Valencia.

Use of this flying animal is not unique to these two football clubs; usually it appears in the shields of many Valencians clubs. For example, also in the basketball team's main city, Valencia Basket.

By the way, the Valencia CF It has as a pet bat and Levante UD the 'granota’ (frog in Valencia).The origin of both nicknames already explained in another article.

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  1. Another team that also has the bat on its shield and that has also been in the First Division for some years is Albacete Balompié. There will be some more insurance in the lower divisions.

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