Who was Biri Biri? Legend of the Seville of the 70

Who was Biri Biri? Legend of the Seville of the 70
Biri Biri poses with the Sevilla FC shirt (RTVE.es)

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Although her real name was Alhaji Momodou Njie, everyone knew him as Someone Someone. The African footballer became an icon of the Sevilla FC who came in the year 1973.

Without a doubt he was the best Gambian footballer in history. Before signing for Sevilla, the striker played in Denmark, specifically in the ranks of the Boldklubben 1901 . From there he made the jump to our league in which he defended the Sevilla jersey during 4 seasons in which he played 109 official matches and scored 34 goals.

It must be said that this was a Sevilla that was going through a difficult sporting situation. Footballer Gambia landed at a club that played in the Second Division in the 1973-1974 and with which he achieved promotion in 1974-1975. That year his contribution was key as it marked a total of 14 targets.

best soccer player in the Gambia
Considered the best footballer in the history of his country. further, he was the first African to play in the Danish league and the first black race to reach Sevilla (Sports world)

In their 5 years as a Sevilla player (one was without playing due to a contract improvement problem), Someone Someone went deep into the heart of Seville. Although their numbers are not spectacular at all, his friendliness and his way of understanding football and life made people have a very special affection for him. So much so that even the Seville animation group that used to be located in the northern part of the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan, adopted the name of Biris Norte in his honor.

Someone Someone: “The people of Sevilla love me and I love Sevilla”

In the year 2017, Someone Someone received a tribute at the Seville stadium. The Gambian footballer was presented with the club's gold and shiny insignia and felt, once again, the love of a hobby that still remembers him after so many years.

Someone Someone Sevilla
José Castro, Club president, Delivers the Gold and Brilliant Badge to the Former African Soccer Player (Diario de Sevilla)

Unfortunately, the 19 July 2020, the first black footballer to wear the Sevilla shirt, passed away in Dakar, capital de Senegal, after failing surgery. I had 72 year old. Definitely, a beloved figure of retro and cult football, that today we want to remember and honor with these lines.

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