Rommel Fernández, The Panzer’ from Panama

Rommel Fernández, The Panzer’ from Panama
Rommel Fernandez in the stage in Valencia (Photo: The country)

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Rommel Fernández It was a tragedy striker who came to him, possibly, at the best moment of his career. Natural attacker El Chorrillo (Panama), He died in a car accident to 27 years old when I joined the ranks of Albacete, at that time in First Division.

The Panzer’, as he was nicknamed because of his great corpulence and physical strength, I did not have it easy to reach the elite of Spanish football. 'The Tiger’ Barrios, a former striker Barça and Tenerife in the years 70, he found when Rommel He played the Mundialito Immigration, on the Canary island. He soon became an idol for fans tinerfeña, not in vain, achievement 48 league goals and won promotion to the First Division in 1989.

His well in the island led him to make the leap to Valencia CF you paid for it 300 million pesetas. In Mestalla It did not work because it was a tough competition as Lubo Penev without going any further so he was loaned to Albacete. In the manchego set was still one of the best scoring 7 goals in 18 matches. That was when the tragedy occurred. The 6 May 1993 his Toyota Celica crashed into a tree and Rommel He lost his life.

Albacete curve in the rock was created Rommel, whose members are responsible for bringing flowers to the crash each year. At Heliodoro Rodríguez López, stadium CD Tenerife, there is a door with a large photo of the player and his tombstone is decorated with a football stadium with the shield of the three clubs that militated (Tenerife, Albacete Y Valencia).

Rommel Fernández
door number 2 the Heliodoro Rodriguez Lopez de Tenerife (Photo: Twitter CDT)


Rommel Fernández It meant a lot to the growth of the Panamanian Football. In a country where it was not usual to leave great players, The Panzer’ He was responsible for breaking that trend. After him, others came as Dely Valdes, that surely was the best player in the country throughout history and has always had a memory and recognition for his predecessor, How could it be otherwise.

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