Season 1979-1980, the only comprehensive history of the Spanish League

Season 1979-1980, the only comprehensive history of the Spanish League
One of the CD Málaga formations in the season 1979-1980 (Spanish football)

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Today we bring you a story of those who call attention and that we can describe as curious. The Spanish league was created in the campaign 1928-1929 and from then until now they have been held, like is logic, all parties were scheduled. All but one, that had to be disputed in the season 1979-1980 but it was never played.

That day a match had to be played between two teams that no longer exist, the CD Málaga and the AD Almería, that both were in the First Division. The malaguistas struggled to avoid the descent and arrival of the day 25 they played a very important match in The Rose Garden against Rayo Vallecano that also inhabited the low places of the classification.

The match ended with a visiting victory for 1-3 with a great refereeing controversy that caused the fall of some fence in the stadium and the launch of numerous objects onto the field of play by the more than angry public assistant. The committee was clear on this and decided to close the malaguista stadium so the team should play the next match against AD Almería in Algeciras. It was then when the Malaga management decided not to travel and the game was given to won by the Almeria.


The curious thing about the matter, as we said at the beginning of the article, is that a result has never been established for said meeting so it can be classified as a “ghost party” that has never been disputed and if we look at a classification of that season 1979-1980 both teams appear with one less game with the league finished.

The CD Málaga He was also sanctioned with three points that were subtracted from his locker and ended the season as a bottom team in First Division, falling irremediably. The AD Almería, meanwhile, achieved a creditable tenth position that allowed him to continue in the top flight.

After so many years this is still the only game in the history of the league that is still uncontested. By then, President Federico Brinkmann and the vice president Pérez-Gascón They made a decision that could be key in the future of the malaguista club since there were still games to be played and in addition to losing the game, points were deducted that perhaps could have served to achieve permanence but preferred to show their discontent with the arbitration proceedings suffered. that season in this unusual way.



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