The incredible clause Vicente Rodriguez in Levante UD

The incredible clause Vicente Rodriguez in Levante UD
Vicente Rodriguez's shirt this season Levante 1999-2000 (Photo: As)

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Anyone who regularly approached to the field of Malvarrosa at that time was clear that Vicente Rodriguez (at that time known as Vicentín) I had it all to reach the first team Levante UD.

Pedro Villarroel, by then club president granota, so well he understood and its new star strove to make that child. A) Yes, with only 16 years he got his chance in the first team that militated in Second Division.

Growing both in sports and physically, granota invested in this football club to be developed as quickly and effectively as possible. The decline Levante he did not come entirely evil that could toughen youth in Second B 17 years by demonstrating that its progression was unstoppable.


It was at that time when Pedro Villarroel He made one of his masterpieces plays. That kid who was beginning to emerge in professional football (the Levante immediately returned to Second Division) He needed to project to the world. It was announced then that his buyout clause was… ¡¡¡30,000 million pesetas!!! (180 millions of euros).

Obviously it was an exaggeration to call the attention of top European clubs. Who was that guy that costs that much money? For example, Ronaldo Nazario had reached the Inter de Milan A few years earlier by 4.000 kilos and Figo signed for Real Madrid a year later by 10.000 millions.

The move took effect and soon Arsenal Y Manchester United They sent scouts to see him throwing the left winger Levante to the top of the Second Division. Granota fans dreamed of the first promotion to the top flight color. Far away were the years of Vallejo.

Vicente, Fernando Sales Y Salillas formed an enviable attacking trident but the Levante gradually it weakened until the end of a more than correct seventh that season 1999-2000.


This is where we must go back a little in our history. The Levante UD He came to be transferred to Vicente Rodriguez al Real Madrid in December of the previous season. Everything was practically closed to the point that the player received the insignia of gold and diamond club and was honored before a game in Valencia City. Vicente del Bosque It was at that time served as a scout white set.

But nevertheless, the operation failed to close, apparently, the Merengues wanted the act in Benicalap Castile, madridista branch, so that Vicente he preferred to continue growing in the Levante.

Finally, the end made the suitcases course to Valencia, eternal rival Levante, by 700 million pesetas (away from the 30.000 of that clause villarroeliana) although valencianistas had to pay 10 million pesetas for each of the parties that the player played with the Spanish selection (up to 100).

Vicente Rodríguez Valencia
Vincent was one of the best players of Valencia in the early years of this century (Photo: As)

Thus, Orriols team closed an operation which reported him 800 millions (some 5 millions of euros) in what was at that time the biggest selling its history. Vicente triumphed with T-Shirt Valencia where he remained for 11 winning seasons as important as two league titles, UEFA Cup, one European Super Cup and Copa del Rey.


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