The two expulsions of Johan Cruyff against Malaga

The two expulsions of Johan Cruyff against Malaga
Johan Cruyff he accompanied by police leaving the field of La Rosaleda (The country)

Today, our story retro football we want to devote to the two expulsions of Johan Cruyff in the Spanish Liga during his time as player FC Barcelona.

What Johan Cruyff has been one of the best players in history It is something that nobody disputes. Upon arrival at FC Barcelona after triumphing in the Ajax Amsterdam (with whom he won three European Cups consecutively) It was an event. But nevertheless, It was not all rosy.

'The skinny’ Barca dressed 6 seasons (5 at Barca and 1 Levante) and he was sent off only twice. The most curious thing is that on both occasions his rival was the CD Málaga.


The first one was a 9 February 1975. I visited the set FC Barcelona stadium The Rose Garden to face Málaga in a corresponding match of the day 19 the National League Championship.

The home team had gone ahead with a goal from Bustillo to the 9 minutes into the game but Rexach He had managed to tie for Barca. It was the minute 36 when the controversy came. Castronovo wrote down the 2-1 for him Málaga but the linesman had raised flag indicating offside. But nevertheless, to everyone's surprise the referee of the match, the Lord Orrantia Capelastegui, She ignored and gave the goal as valid.

Johan Cruyff, as club captain, he hastened to speak to the referee. Dutch asked to do so irate please consult his linesman. At the insistence, He received a yellow card for complaining.

The protests were rising in pitch and players from both teams began to surround the match referee finally decided to expel Cruyff who he refused to leave the field.

After several minutes, The 9’ of the Barça He left the field accompanied by Franco's police, known gray, an image that was on the cover of every newspaper. Barca eventually lost that game by 3-2.

CRUYFF expelled again

A 6 February 1977, that is to say, almost two years later, It was him Málaga who visited the Camp Nou to face FC Barcelona.

That day Cruyff It starred twice. First by scoring a goal in the minute 18 party. Second, by receiving the red card the minute 75. This time the referee was Melero Guaza, he also had his moment of fame.

According to the referee, Cruyff gravely insulted him after giving by valid a goal from malacitano scored by box Esteban Vigo (clearly hand). The Barça He won the match 2-1 Nonetheless.

Own Johan said in an interview later that at that time the FC Barcelona He had very little weight in the Spanish football and suffered quite nefarious arbitration. Conversely, others said that FC Barcelona could not crack him or touch. What is clear is that the two expulsions of Johan Cruyff keep several similarities of curious.


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