Toto Schillaci, the scorer who surprised in Italy 90

Toto Schillaci, the scorer who surprised in Italy 90
Toto Schillaci was Italy's surprise scorer 90. PHOTO: Google

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Salvatore's story 'This’ Schillaci It is one of those football stories that are less peculiar. One of those how to achieve fame and the world peak in some activity but that this even if it was ephemeral but end up forever writing your name in gold letters in history. This is the case of this Sicilian striker who reached this peak in the World Italy 90.

Toto Schillaci, the man who thrashed in Italy 90

To put us in context. Salvatore Schillaci (Sicily, 1964) it was in 1990 a striker of almost 26 years, strong and opportunistic in the area, who had only been in the Italian elite for a year. Well a year before, in summer 1989, had been transferred from Messina to Juventinos and had entered the list for the World Cup in which Italy was host almost rebound. At first, His role was going to be secondary, but as the World Cups leave great stories, this was not going to be like that.

It started as a substitute and ended up being Italy's top scorer 90 marking 6 goals in 7 matches that Italians played in their cup. And it started soon, since in the opening match at the Olympic in Rome, came out in the minute 75 to hunt down the winning goal against Austria.

Even so, He was a substitute until the third game where his opportunism and ability to catch goals ended up giving him ownership and ultimately, the Golden Boot and also the Italian Ballon d'Or 90. He was the top scorer and was also chosen as the best player of the tournament.

Together with a very young Roberto Baggio, they were going to end up being the most decisive players for Italy in that tournament and both would end up seating the 2 players who started as starters in their positions, Vialli y Carnival.

toto Schillaci Ballon d'Or and Golden Boot
Toto Schillaci poses with the ball and the golden boot he won in Italy 90. PHOTO: France Football

His career after Italy 90 was decaying

The 'Godfather of Goal’ as it was called due to its Italian origin, lived a couple more years in Juve. Its great World Italy 90 it was still worth it 2 years later to sign for Inter Milan, but Toto, that was already approaching the 30, seemed to have done everything in football with his great world cup.

He was barely one season at Inter before leaving for Japan where he played since 1993 until 1999 in the Japanese Iwata Jubilee where he already left active football almost 10 years after having reached history forever with his 6 goals in his world cup.

From footballer to actor and to participate in television programs

With the arrival of the 21st century we were able to see a new facet of Toto Schillaci. With much more hair than when he was in his twenties and with what looks like a prosthesis, We have been able to see the former top scorer since coming out in the version of ‘The island of the famous’ Italian to acting as a mob boss in a series called Antimafia squad “. A peculiar striker who during a summer month, included his name forever in the history of this sport.

Toto Schillaci 2021 wig
Toto Schillaci in Italy 90 with 25 years and in a more current photo with more than 50. PHOTO: The nation


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