The surprising reason why Ronaldo Nazario did not play any minute in the World USA'94

The surprising reason why Ronaldo Nazario did not play any minute in the World USA'94
Ronaldo and Romario held the title of Brazil in USA'94 (

Ronaldo Nazario is, for most experts, the best striker in history football. The Brazilian had an enviable career garnering lots of titles but also collectively as individual awards. But nevertheless, He stood at the gates to beat three important records in the history of Brazil, all of them held Skin.

Ronaldo Nazario debut

The 23 March 1994, Ronaldo Nazario He is debuting with canarinha in a match that pitted Brazil already Argentina. The final score was 2-0 Brazilian pro (a doublet Bebeto). It was precisely the latter who gave the baton to the new promise leaving the pitch for one player with the shaved head will enter the meeting.

With little experience but with a brutal projection, the young man Ronaldo It was summoned by Parreira for the World Cup 1994 which it was held in the United States. That team had excellent players (How could it be otherwise) but mostly, He had an attacking duo scary: Romario Y Bebeto.

Brazil He was advancing in the tournament with a style that was far from usual. A team very safe back with a strong center field Dunga, Mauro Silva Y Mazinho. The goals were only for the front and both Romario Bebeto were key to reach the final.

Romario and Bebeto
Mazinho, Bebeto and Romario in his famous celebration 1994 (Historical Photos)

The young man Ronaldo He is waiting for his chance from the bench but came up with the desire. Having played a single minute in that tournament would have entered the select group of players who played a World Cup without having fulfilled the 18 years and he had dethroned Skin as the youngest Brazilian player in a World Cup. This he did in Sweden 1958 where Brazil was champion.

Thus, Ronaldo Nazario had to wait 4 years to debut at World Cup. It was in France '98 where he was a star (He was named best player of the championship) but had to settle for second place as the French beat the Brazilians by a clear 3-0 in the end.

Second World Cup and Golden Boot

The second largest for ‘O Phenomenon’ (as it would be dubbed) He came in 2002. Ronaldo not only raised his second World Cup but was top scorer in the tournament. His performance in the final against Germany was sublime with that extravagant hairstyle that made history.

Ronaldo and Pele
Ronaldo Pele is congratulated after winning the World 2002 (

Finally, Ronaldo Nazario He hung up his boots in 2011 It is the second top scorer in the history of selection verdeamarela, won two world and being, surely, the second best Brazilian footballer of all time. Shadow Skin It is very long, While some say that prevented the World Cup debut of his compatriot in this hot summer 1994 on American soil.

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  1. That is false since Pele when he started the world of the 58 had 17 years 7 months and Ronaldo when the world of the 94 had 17 years 8 months, a month apart which was impossible to take Pele's record off

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