When the fans Levante 'buried’ Valencia CF

When the fans Levante 'buried’ Valencia CF
The coffin with the name of Valencia CF was paraded through the streets by fans Levante

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The rivalry between the interests of two teams from the same city often commonplace throughout the footballing world. The city of Valencia is no exception and the fans of Levante and the Valencia CF they have shown through the years.

As we have in previous articles, There are several anecdotes and evidence of this. Without going further, to late 50, some fans Valencia They celebrated the rise not Levante First Division in a playoff against Las Palmas placing the body of a cat at the foot of the palm over the entrance of Vallejo, granota old field, with a sign sayingWhen the cat climb the palm tree, Levante will be in First”.


But they say that revenge is a dish best served cold and hobby Levante UD He waited almost 30 years to take revenge for this act. Specifically it had to wait until 1986 where he consummated, after 55 consecutive years in First Division, lowering the Mestalla club to Second Division.

Valencia decline
The cover of sports daily Marca after the descent of Valencia 1986

Some fans Levante UD They did not hesitate and had the idea of ​​holding a funeral for “death” of the Valencia. The chosen location, How could it be otherwise, was the Cabanyal in the heart of the Maritime Villages, cradle of levantinismo and granota area par excellence.

Decrease Valencia CF
The fans walk granotas Valencia CF's coffin through the streets of Cabanyal

The Valencia He had already flirted with relegation a few seasons before. In fact, In the season 1982-1983 the situation was totally limit since valencianistas permanence were played on the final day in Mestalla receiving the Real Madrid which he was played to win the league. A solitary goal from Tendillo He gave salvation to local and expunged linked to Real Madrid.

Decrease Valencia CF

Finally, the coffin with the name Valencia CF He was paraded through the streets in the area and was 'cremated'. curiously, that same year Levante UD also he fell, in this case to Third Division, so it could not hold a Valencian derby Second. further, che team over the silver category was short-lived as they managed a brilliant rise and returned to First Division a year later.


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