The best rivalries in football history

The best rivalries in football history
Boca vs River, one of the biggest rivalries in the world of football.

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The opposition between groups is as old as history itself. Over the years, soccer has seen many rivalries, and it is already part of the professional competition between the different sports clubs. It is something that coaches live, managers and players, but also the fans. ¡Some of these clashes date back to more than a century! For long periods of time, managers and players are changing, But rivalries are passed from generation to generation.

Rivalry, at times, It can also be excessive and lead to violent events or riots among their fans.. But nevertheless, in its proper measure it provides a dose of adrenaline necessary to enjoy the game.

further, many times encourages people to dare to play games bets to further increase the excitement of these matches

Real Madrid vs F.C Barcelona

The meeting between Real Madrid and Barcelona is one of the most celebrated classics in the history of world football.

The first match football between these two clubs was played on 13 May 1902. Since then, the two teams have been rivals.

Every time they play, millions of people around the world watch the game. further, there is a political and ideological dispute behind each encounter. Real Madrid is considered to represent Spanish nationalism, while Barcelona represents Catalan nationalism. Because, it's not just any party, ¡pride and identity are at stake here!

Some of the best players in the world have been part of the classic, like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Luis Figo and Ronaldinho. These stars have generated fanaticism among fans.

Liverpool vs Manchester

It is considered one of the great rivalries of English football. The Northwest derby, but nevertheless, it is also one of the most exciting sporting events in the world. It all started at the end of the 19th century, when Liverpool and Manchester had become two of the most important cities in the Industrial Revolution. In Manchester, the textile industry was created that later revolutionized the whole world.

Liverpool, meanwhile, it was one of the most significant ports of the British Empire. At the time, even more important than London. With the creation of the Ship Canal -a channel for cargo ships-, Manchester had its own outlet to the sea and thus prevented ships from passing through Liverpool. This event produced a great division among the working class.

Economic and industrial competition between the two cities continued throughout the 20th century.

But in the decades of 70 Y 80, with the growth of the hooligans, the rivalry deepened.

further, many players fueled the rivalry with verbal abuse and even on-court fights. At present, the clubs are still facing each other, although the acts of violence are minor and isolated.

The Superclassic: Boca Juniors vs. River Plate

The 2 August 1913 the first meeting between these two great Argentine teams was played, and ended with the victory of Boca Juniors, with the marker on 3 a 1. Since then, they have been facing. Although both clubs are from the City of Buenos Aires (Argentina), represent the south and north zone, respectively.

The Boca Juniors club, located in La Boca, was always linked to the port and immigrant working class. Instead, the River Plate club is in Núñez, a middle class neighborhood.

The Superclásico had its peak of tension in 2018, when both teams played the final of the Copa Libertadores at the Bernabéu stadium in Madrid. The final had to be suspended several times due to disturbances among the fans. The decision of the directors was to transfer the party to the Old Continent. The match ended in 5 a 3, and River Plate was the winner. In this way, won the right to participate in the FIFA Club World Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

Many Argentine players, then European football stars, they went through these two clubs first, as Diego Armando Maradona, Juan roman riquelme, Roberto Abbondanzieri, and Fernando Cavenaghi.

Among the tournaments they face is not only the Copa Libertadores, but also the South American Cup, the First Division Competition, and the recent Diego Maradona Cup, with just one edit, in 2020.

Celtic vs Rangers

Some consider it to be one of the major historical rivalries Worldwide, within the universe of football.

La Old Firm, name that bears the rivalry between both clubs, arises between two teams with a great political and religious heritage. The Rangers club is Protestant, and instead, celtic is catholic. further, there is a political conflict dating back to two factions of Northern Ireland: loyalism and republicanism.

Every time there is a meeting in Glasgow, in Ibrox or in Parkhead, the alarm lights come on, since many continue, Unfortunately, perpetuating cultural and partisan intolerance.

In summary, many rivalries must be measured to achieve healthy competition, and allow the focus to be on sport, fun and play, over sectarian behaviors. But what would the best soccer teams in the world be without their greatest rival??


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