Big stars who never played a World Cup

Big stars who never played a World Cup
Kubala and Di Stefano before a Barca-Real Madrid (Photo: Getty Images)

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Every four years the best football teams in the world compete for the most important tournament for national teams there. It is the opportunity to see the best players face each other in just a few weeks. But nevertheless, They are not always the best since, for some reason or other, there has been big stars who never played a World Cup.

Ladislao Kubala

The Kubala It is a peculiar case. He wore the shirt of three different selections (Hugría, Czechoslovakia and Spain) but he failed to play any World (Photo: FC Barcelona)


Of Stefano
Di Stefano also was jinxed as far as it refers World. In 1950 Argentina did not go to Brazil. Colombian was nationalized but 1954 Colombia did not qualify and the same happened to him in 1958 since Spain also failed to qualify when he had nationalized Spanish (Photo: Real Madrid)


Figures never played a World
Northern Ireland player, George Best, He never played in the World Cup since your selection did not qualify it being active (Photo:


Cracks never played a World
The case of the German Schuster is different. He retired from international football to 24 year old. The midfielder missed a citation for the birth of his son and that led to problems with the German federation. Recently he acknowledged he regretted having given up and not being able to play several world (Photo:


George Weah
Another who never played a World Cup is George Weah. The fact of belonging to such a weak selection footballing as Liberia was prevented (Photo:


Ryan Giggs
A case like that of Weah or the Best happened to Giggs. Manchester United legend, Welsh could not fall into any finals because their selection was not qualified when he was in active (Photo: 90me)


Eric Cantona
France did not qualify for USA '94 to which Cantona had traveled safely. Later, French withdrew from the selection 1997, a year before the World Cup that France hosted and won (Photo: FourFourTwo)


Javier Argudo

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