“Atletico Madrid I did not even want to see. It is a jinx team for me”

“Atletico Madrid I did not even want to see. It is a jinx team for me”
Mari Carmen Izquierdo's interview with Juanito, Burgos CF footballer at that time (Captura del programa 'Conexión Vintage')

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Nowadays (rare exceptions) We are tired of seeing interviews with players who seem robots. almost mechanical and repetitive responses where very few say what they think and offer something interesting to the viewer. But nevertheless, Today we bring you today raise a controversy as its protagonist did not mince words.

Juan Gómez ‘Juanito’ He was always a player with character. Those who knew him agree when defined as someone very temperamental, capable of trampling (literally) an opponent but also with a big heart. In memory of all that aggression Matthaus is in a European Cup tie between Real Madrid and the Bayern O the Botellazo received after dedicating an ugly gesture to stand in a tense that Yugoslavia-Spain.

Juanito and his jinxed team

Today we focus on an interview that the natural footballer offered to Fuengirola Spanish TV. At that time the front was one of the highlights of his career so, triumphing in the First Division in Burgos CF who had arrived on loan a few years earlier from the Atletico Madrid.

To achieve better understand the words of Juanito should contextualize a bit more. The striker had begun his career in the youth of Atletico Madrid. With 17 years he got the chance in the first team in a friendly in which, Unfortunately, He suffered a broken tibia and fibula that kept him off the pitch a long season.

That was when the Atletico Madrid He decided to transfer it to Burgos CF, at that time in Second Division, where Juanito He materialized a great season making the ascent with the team burgalés. the colchoneros, far from having it, they sold definitively the white club where he continued to deploy their best football.

Valencia, Barcelona Y Real Madrid were the teams began to sound like possible destinations player after the season. In this interview, journalist Mari Carmen Izquierdo He added a new team that could be interested in signing Juanito. His answer did not leave anyone indifferent at that time nor safe now:

-“Do you think you could return to Atletico Madrid?”

-“No, I do not want to return to Atletico Madrid. It is a jinx team for me and. I know I made many mistakes in my youth, I recognize it. But it's not smarter than a club, when a player is injured tibia and fibula, I have tested a single year and more cediéndome to Burgos… why Atletico Madrid I can not even see it”.

He ended up being a Real Madrid legend

We imagine what the 'jinxed team’ He not sits well in the red and white breast. The rest of the story is well known for the vast majority of football fans. Juanito triumphed with T-Shirt Real Madrid (rejecting a better deal economically of FC Barcelona) and is a legend of the club merengue. Who knows if part of that success is due to that extra motivation because of the thorn dragging its colchonera stage.

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