Bebeto and his impossible record to beat in the Spanish League

Bebeto and his impossible record to beat in the Spanish League
Bebeto celebrates one of his many goals as an athlete (The voice of Galicia)

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José Roberto Gama de Oliveira, better known as Bebeto, is one of the best players in the history of RC Deportivo Coruna. The Brazilian soccer player dazzled us with the kids who met soccer in the first years of the decade of the 90 and swelled to score goals in our League.

Arrived in season 1992-1993 hand in hand with the sports president Augusto Cesar Lendoiro, Bebeto amazed his own and strangers becoming the Pichichi that season. Far from settling, the Brazilian continued to drill the rival goals during the 4 campaigns that wore the blue and white shirt of that mythical ‘super Depor‘ what made history.

The attacker's numbers speak for themselves. 102 goals in 160 official matches with the Galician club. further, He was also a fixture in the Brazilian team with which he achieved the World Cup 1994 forming a couple with another mythical, Romario, and with a young man named Ronaldo Nazario on the bench that was not disputed for a single minute in that tournament.

Baby Albacete
Bebeto, synonymous with goal in that Deportivo of the years 90 (Sports world)


But if there is a party in which the protagonist of our article ‘broke it’ it was against Albacete. The Dépor received to the set La Mancha 1 October 1995 at the Riazor Stadium. Locals expired by 1-0 with goal, precisely, of Bebeto who had opened the scoring in the minute 2. It was from 84 when something historic happened that had never happened. The striker was able to score 4 more goals in just 6 minutes, thus sealing a win for 5-0.

Thus, the Brazilian became the fastest player to score four goals. Before him, the valencianista World and the Sevilla player Campanal, they had succeeded in 10 minutes, both in the distant season 1941-1942.

Another who scored this number of goals in record time was Ladislao Kubala. The Barça footballer made four goals in 13 minutes in a victory for his team by 9-0 against Sporting de Gijón in the campaign 1951-1952. Much more recent were the four entries by Good in 14 minutes in a Rayo-Levante (season 2014-2015) Y, by last, Hermida, Celta player, scored another four ‘peas’ in 16 minutes in a game that his team won by 10-1 to the Nastic in the 49-50.

They were all pulverized by the feat of Bebeto on that afternoon in Riazor. The Dépor crack put his name in gold letters in the history of the league, his record, After so many years, seems impossible to beat.

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