Foreign teams that played in the Spanish League

Foreign teams that played in the Spanish League
Photo belonging to a match between Atlético de Tetuán and Racing de Santander (The country)

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Since the creation of the Spanish League in the season 1928-1929 there have been few foreign teams who participated in it. But nevertheless, Although the list is reduced, we can talk about several cases. It is true that some of them, in his day, They participated in the Spanish championship because they belonged to national territory.


The Club Atletico Tetuan was a team of this Moroccan city when northern Morocco was a protectorate Spanish. Founded in 1922 by a group of young, He achieved his greatest success in sports season 1951-1952 when champion of the group II proclaimed the Second Spanish Division.

Atletico Tetuan
Bus Athletic Club Tetuan to celebrate promotion to the First Division (The country)

Thus, rojiblanco could participate in the top flight of Spanish football but declined after the end of his only season as bottom club in the elite. yes, It occupies the penultimate position of the historical classification of First Division ahead of the Cultural y Deportiva Leonesa.

In 1956, after the independence of Morocco, Spanish footballers and managers marched to Ceuta and club merged with Sociedad Deportiva Ceuta. In 1961 a new club that kept the colors of the old team name was created Atletico Tetuan. The disputed former club 1 First season, 6 in Second and 7 in Third Division in Spain.

EFF Tanger

A case like that of Atletico Tetuan. The School Hispano Arab Tangier It was also a club of this city belonging to the Spanish protectorate of Morocco. The club was invited to participate in the Second Division of Spain season 1939-1940 as a thank you to this city by the Franco regime for its support to the national side during the Civil war.

His adventure in Spain was short and rather humiliating. The team finished last in a group 5 Second Division without achieving any victory. He was only able to score a point thanks to a draw twice against Recreativo de Huelva.


The Sports Union of Spain, also know as Tangier Spain, It was another of the Moroccan clubs that played in the Spanish league. He played three seasons in the Second Division consecutively (1953-1954, 1954-1955 Y 1955-1956).

After the independence of Morocco, the club merged with the Algeciras CF in 1956. First with the name of Spain of Algeciras Club de Fútbol and later Algeciras CF.


Pique Andorra
The arrival of Pique to FC Andorra should be a major boost for the club (The reason)

In this list of foreign teams who play or have played in the Spanish League could not miss the FC Andorra. The Andorran ensemble was founded in the year 1942 and since its inception has always been affiliated with the Royal Spanish Football Federation with permission from the FIFA. Not only plays in national categories but also participates in the Cup of the King as one.

It could be said that Andorra is a classic of the Second Division B, from which it has never happened. We'll see if the arrival of Gerard Piqué, current owner of the club, It becomes the next foreign team to reach the elite of Spanish football.

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