The day Kubala went binge and still marked 5 goals

The day Kubala went binge and still marked 5 goals
Kubala managed to score 5 of the 6 goals from his team after a night out (The newspaper)

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Ladislao Kubala he has been one of the best players in football history. The Hungarian footballer is a legend of the FC Barcelona, club in which he played 10 seasons. But nevertheless, every star has its little flaws and one of the ones that had the crack culé was that he was quite fond of going out at night.

The 18 November 1951, the Barça he had a league commitment against him Celta Vigo at Camp Les Corts. Apparently, Kubala he had gone out the night before to have a few drinks and in the morning, Angel Mur, team masseuse, missed his presence. After telephoning one of the player's revelry partners, they located him in the cellar of the same bar “sleeping cute”.

Time was short as the match against the Vigo team was played in just a few hours. Angel Mur gave him a cold shower, made him drink a couple of well-loaded coffees and put him in the sauna to finish sweating toxins. Of course, he also gave him a massage and yet Kubala was holder.


That afternoon he Barça endorsed him a forceful 6-1 Celtic and Ladislao Kubala was the author of 5 goals, 4 of them in the first part. What is clear is that the drunkenness did not affect him too much or perhaps the pampering of the culé masseur was the key to that miraculous recovery.

That was the first season of Kubala with T-Shirt FC Barcelona, the most prolific in terms of goals. Little by little the footballer began to dose and control his night outings and he did very well, becoming the third top scorer in the history of the club..

As a curiosity, Notably Kubala, despite being one of the best soccer players in history, never had the opportunity to play any world cup, something that we discussed in another article.


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