Spanish provincial capitals who have never had his team in First Division

Spanish provincial capitals who have never had his team in First Division
Formation of the CD Toledo in the season 1993-1994 in which he touched the ascent to First Division (football teams)

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Spain has a total of 52 provincial capitals including Ceuta and Melilla. Since the creation of the League in season 1928-1929, the vast majority have a representative team in the top flight. But nevertheless, Today, there are still 15 that they have failed. The go over and ordered by number of inhabitants.


Provincial capital is the most populous who has never had his team in First Division. CD Badajoz was close to doing in the mid 90 but then others extremeños clubs such as Extremadura or Merida earned him the game.


The third Galician city in number of inhabitants after La Coruna and Vigo 105.000 persons surveyed. The Galician team has never achieved promotion to the First. The closest he came was in season 1959-1960 and the 1961-1962. Depor, Celtic, Compostela Y Pontevedra Yes Galicia have represented the elite of Spanish football.


The other Galician capital that could not enjoy first football despite having almost 100.000 population. The CD Lugo He has wandered for many years between Second and Third Division B. In the XXI century lucense team has finally looking out for second division and has held the noble area. Hopefully soon to disappear from this list.


Curiously, neither provincial capitals Extremadura (Cáceres and Badajoz) It has managed to ascend to First. The most successful of the CP Cacereño (centennial club, by the way) It has been a unique season in the Second Division in the season 1952-1953. Another of the cities round 100.000 people who appear in this list.


15 seasons in the second division are the baggage of the former UD Melilla. While closer were ascending was in the campaign 1952-1953 in which ended in the fifth position in the table of silver division. More of 86.000 registered inhabitants.


melillenses such case to its neighbors. Ceutíes several teams came close but stayed up at the gates. Nowadays, the AD Ceuta about, moment, ascending to the Spanish professional football.


Just a couple of seasons in the Second Division for the CD Guadalajara. One of the provincial capitals Castilla la Mancha who has never won promotion to First. Second B and Third were the most common divisions for this club.


The CD Toledo He touched the glory with fingertips. The team Leaping Horse He got to dispute the promotion of ascent to First in season 1993-1994 but it was eliminated by Real Valladolid two legs. further, She starred in one of the big surprises years later eliminating Cup King all Real Madrid.


The closest he has been the Palencia ascending to First Division was in the early 70 and the 80. On that occasion the purple team finished in high positions Second. Since then, Second B and Third divisions have been with the palentinos have had to settle.


The Football Club Calvo Sotelo, Puertollano team (Real city) He came close to winning promotion in the early 60. His best season was the 1967-1968 When finished second in the group south of Second Division to one point of the Granada ascended directly. Manchego promotion played against Córdoba but the Andalusians left them without promotion. The club ceased to exist in 1999.


Another provincial capitals that has not tasted the sweetness of First. The Zamora CF anda straddles the Second B and Third Division so you have a lot of work still ahead.


First football also seems utopian today in Avila. The Avila CF, founded in 1923, never has managed or promoted to Second Division so the top flight is a real chimera. A classic of the Third Division Spanish.


The UB CONQUENSE is the head of football Cuenca. He never has played in First or Second, yes, He puts against the ropes to Real Madrid Castilla in the promotion to the silver category in the campaign 2004-2005. The subsidiary madridista with an impressive batch of players (Diego López, Arbeloa, Soldier, Jury, Of the network…) He prevented the rise to conquenses.


The most successful sports team has given the city the aqueduct is to indoor football. Regarding football, the gymnastic Segoviana He never managed to be in the First or Second Division. You will have to wait.


We could not close this list provincial capitals Spanish who have never had representation in First without remembering Teruel. Teruel, with more than 35.000 population, They have never seen football elite in their city. The CD Teruel never set foot neither the first nor the Second Division.


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  1. Ourense is the third city in Galicia by number of inhabitants behind Vigo and A Coruña, that is the correct order.

  2. Indicar que si ni Cáceres ni Badajoz han tenido nunca sus equipos en Primera División es porque no tienen ayuda de las autoridades extremeñas. La Junta de Extremadura decidió en su día fijar Mérida como capital y el Mérida sí estuvo en Primera. Lo del Extremadura de Almendralejo es porque allí hay mucha industria vinicola y los empresarios pusieron dinero.

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