Historic clubs that never played in the First Division

Historic clubs that never played in the First Division
One of the best squads of the Sestao Sport Club (Sports world)

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The great objective of most clubs and professional footballers is to play in the highest category. Today we will review the list of historical equipment that they never played in the First Division. Spanish football classics that, for one thing or another, they never made the final leap to reach the elite. Watching your story, the truth is that it surprises.


If we take a look at the Historical classification of Second Division, One of the things that most strikes us is that a team like him Racing Club of Ferrol accumulate as many seasons in the silver category. More of 30 years (35 at the time of writing this article) and they never played in First.

And if that was not enough, the Galician team was not only a classic in the second category of our football, also, reached a cup final, specifically that of 1939, just finished the Civil war, that he lost forcefully against him Sevilla (6-2).

Racing Ferrol
The Sevilla and Racing de Ferrol players take to the pitch to compete in the Copa de 1939 (The voice of Galicia)


Case Barakaldo it's quite curious. It may surprise many that it appears on this list, but it is that the Lasesarre He was a fixture in the Second Division for four decades. In total sum 30 seasons in the silver category but never achieved promotion to First.

The misfortune for the aurinegros is that, not only have they not achieved the leap to the elite of Spanish football, but they have not abandoned the Second B well for too many seasons.


A very special team. The Sestao Sport Club (refounded as Sestao River) lived its best historical moment in the decade of the 80. From the hand of Javier Irureta, the green-blacks achieved promotion to the Second Division through the big door in the season 1984-1985.

Not happy with it, the Basques were very close to being promoted to the First Division, but they were left with the desire. It was in the campaigns 1985-1986 and above all the 1986-1987 with players like Alberto Albístegui, Ernesto Valverde, Gonzalo Arguiñano or self Jose Luis Mendilibar in their ranks.


Another club that had to undergo dissolution and subsequent re-founding. The CD Badajoz It was, for many years, a classic Second Division. 20 seasons disputed the Badajoz in the silver category and, most of them, being an important team that looked more up than down. Mythical radio afternoons with goals in The nursery that make many of us go back to our childhood.

CD Badajoz
CD Badajoz put together great squads in the early years of the 2000. Zegarra, Carlos Torres or Tito Vilanova himself wore the club's shirt (CD Badajoz Stats)


Either as Cartagena FC, Cartagonova O FC Cartagena actual, the truth is that such a big city, historical and soccer player like this has never been able to enjoy the First Division.

Like the previous cases, there were several occasions in which the Ephesus flirted with the promotion but never got it so we must include it in this article of historical clubs that they never played in First.


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