CD Logrones tab Polish Lewandowski

CD Logrones tab Polish Lewandowski
Grzegorz Lewandowski with the shirt of the CD Logrones (Photo: Sports world)

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Yes, That's how it went. We have not smoked anything strange. The CD Logrones he transferred to the Polish Grzegorz Lewandowski from the Wisla Krakow and that has nothing to do, that we know, with the great striker who has swelled to score goals in the Borussia Dortmund Y Bayern Munich among others.

It occurred later 1993 When the Polish arrived Las Gaunas to strengthen the staff of La Rioja set that militated at that time in First Division. Lewandowski had scored only 11 goals in 5 seasons in Wisla, so it is not very clear who saw potential in that player to bring to the Spanish League.

As expected, their performance in rojiblanco left much to be desired and only managed to score a goal 15 matches. further, starred quite curious episodes in his time at the club riojano.

to get started, It came in the winter and that would be his new coach, Carlos Aimar, He made some startling statements about him: “I do not know anything about him, if proof, Coming loan, if they signed or have the right papers. It is a shame”.

Later, He was reported missing. The player, I was not happy with his salary, he hid in his house and did not answer the phone in protest. His salary was 550.000 pesetas (just over 3.000 euros) a month, with house and car included. He thought he was going to charge more for what ended up leaving the team.

After this experience in Spain, He was in countless teams, in fact he retired with more than 40 years, but his career was more than discreet. yes, He came to play a full international match with Poland between 1993 Y 1996.


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