The difference between sports supplementation before and now

The difference between sports supplementation before and now
The football player stereotype has changed a lot in recent decades. By the type of training, feeding, genetics and of course, the advancement of sports supplementation. PHOTO: LaGalerna

The sport, and especially the high performance, has made remarkable progress in all its aspects, food being one of the fields in which the most developments have taken place in recent decades. In fact, In disciplines such as football, the difference between the sports supplementation from before and now.

And the field of supplementation has grown by leaps and bounds after having demonstrated its multiple benefits, which have made it possible to eliminate many nonsensical prejudices.

Then, we are going to analyze how the evolution has been at the level of supplementation in high-performance sports.

Drinks and gels took up most of the eyes

When supplementation broke into the day-to-day of athletes and clubs, did it mostly in the form of drinks and gels.

In fact, Isotonic drinks that provided carbohydrates or salts in different amounts were a great support to the improvement of performance, either in training or in the competition itself. Shortly after, drinks more focused on post-effort recovery also arrived, which also integrated essential amino acids that favored protein synthesis.

Gels, meanwhile, they were also designed to increase performance in the exertion phase, helping the athlete to prevent their intramuscular glycogen levels from plummeting, thus ensuring fuel doses.

Outbreak of star supplements such as creatine

Slowly, gels and drinks gave way to other types of supplements that broke in with force such as creatine.

There is clear scientific evidence that creatine loading improves performance in repeated physical activities, at high intensities and with short recovery periods. An example of this type of activity is soccer.

However, the creatine It is also not the only sports supplement that has begun to be used beyond beverages., or the classics'Protein shakes’. Other products such as caffeine are also used today, casein O amilopectina, among others.

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