Spain – Malta, one of the best matches of the Spanish soccer team

Spain – Malta, one of the best matches of the Spanish soccer team
Spain's historic lineup that night was made up of: Camacho, Maceda, Goikoetxea, Gordillo, Sir, Buyo (above) and Carrasco, Victor Muñoz, Santillana, Poli Rincón and Sarabia (down) (The Journal)

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It is difficult to select which could be the best match ever for the Spanish team., in achieving their last two Euro Cups and World Cup, The Spanish team showed a beautiful and touch-based game that has never been equaled, leaving matches to be remembered by fans from all over the world.. But it is not the games from a decade ago that have remained the most in the fans' memory., There is one in particular that is an example of one of the best games of the Spanish team, not perhaps because of its game but because of its epic nature and difficulty. That party is none other than the 12-1 that the Spanish team endorsed Malta. A match to remember that revitalized the union of the Spanish fan with their soccer team, strengthening the Spanish fury.

The 21 December of the year 1983 A golden page was written in Spanish football, an event that would fill the history books of national football.. This match and its final result is named with the beginning of everything, changing the negative trend of the Spanish team and being the basis for future competitions.. It was a match valid for qualification for the next European Championship. 1984, At that time the qualifying phase for the Euro Cup was made up of 7 groups and only the first would access the final phase of the same. Spain was in second choice and needed to beat Malta by 11 goals difference to achieve first place and the long-awaited pass to the Euro Cup. Very difficult goal but one that the team committed to overcome and boy did they do it.

Despite the notable inferiority of Malta over Spain, the feat of winning 11 goal difference became more than impossible. The match was all pure and simple epicness. The Spanish team went out in force in search of goals. Penalty miss in the first minutes by Juan Señor and the first goal would not come until the minute 15. But it wasn't going to be all easy, Malta would tie. He would go to rest with a 3-1 and with many goals to score. The magic of the Benito Villamarín stadium was necessary, the team went out to score goals. Nine goals in 45 minutes. The goals were coming and even Malta was deliberately wasting time, the minute is coming 85 Lord marked the 12-1 that classified the Spanish team. So everything, The Spanish team continued attacking and did not let its rival approach. I even managed to score a 13 goal but it was disallowed for offside.

All went well, team and fans united to achieve the great feat of Spanish football, a victory for all.


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